13 reasons why

Today is Henry’s (Hank, Fuzzy Peach, Budders) 13th birthday! It’s been a rough few months, but we’re here. Last night at his vet appointment (our monthly visits are kind of like walking into Cheers… where everybody knows his name) the doctor told me to get him a cheeseburger and celebrate the day!

So in doing so, here are 13 reasons why Henry is the best! (because every dog is the best dog ever).

  1. He has had the same stuffie since the first day we got him
  2. We had to teach him how to swim, but now he loves the water
  3. He loves his friends and family
  4. There isn’t a mud puddle he hasn’t enjoyed

  5. He loves snow
  6. He’s a pretty awesome big brother
  7. He hates cars but loves boats (kind of)
  8. He has worked by my side (under my desk) for 11 years
  9. His favourite place to be is in the woods
  10. Even as a model, he’s always been shy
  11. He puts up with kids, despite being an old soul
  12. He’s okay posing for the billion photos I’ve taken of him
  13. He makes me happy