Happy to be in a new year!

From everything I’ve been seeing and reading lately, it feels as though we are all very okay with saying goodbye to 2016. Great, me too… however, last year brought me another niece, some great trips, and more time spent with friends than I anticipated so I am happy about all that.

There are things that are going to suck about 2017. I have friends who are moving, jobs that are changing, a dog that is aging and family in the States dealing with the election but I am trying to stay positive and think about the good things ahead.

So with that I say onward!


Rather than resolutions, I recently read this article in Business Insider and decided a list of lists would be a more productive way to tackle twenty-seventeen. By simply writing out the 17 lists titles and adding items and checking off items throughout the year, I will hopefully figure out what I really need to make this year special. I hope you have a great year!

My list of 17 lists for 2017

  1. Recipes to try
  2. Restaurants to try
  3. Things I want
  4. Things I wanted but didn’t buy
  5. Places to see / visit / explore in Nova Scotia
  6. Daily to-do list (always changing)
  7. Monthly to-do list
  8. Bucket list (review, update, revise)
  9. Short-term goals
  10. Long-term goals
  11. DIY /home improvement projects (review, update, revise)
  12. Post ideas
  13. Books to read
  14. Movie and shows to watch
  15. People to contact (birthdays, follow-ups, reconnects)
  16. Things to do for others
  17. Things that make me happy

Poster by Carson Ellis

psst. Does anyone else add completed item to a to-do list, just so you can check-off a few things right away?
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the September issue

September is wrapping up and I need a game plan. For reals. Although I rarely take time off in the summer, there is something about warm weather and flip flops that allows me to slack off a bit. But now I need a good kick in the butt to change things up, get things done, get new projects and actually be busy. When I am busy, I am happy and that’s my key to surviving winter.

Those of you who work 9-5’s with pensions and vacation time may not get it but, with all of the perks to being self-employed, working from home with a golden retriever under the desk can still be stressful at times. Work does not always land on your plate, you have to fight, you have to beg, you have to lower your expectations, you have to question yourself, you have to do things you don’t want to do and you have to do things you hate doing.

I know, everyone who works likely has things about their job they hate doing. This weekend I attended a reading by Elaine Lui (laineygossips.com) at Word On The Street. (I have been following her blog for over nine years… actually, I’ve been reading her blog longer than I’ve known what a blog was. True, I love the gossip but I think what actually draws me there is her writing, her ambition and her way of staying classy despite the reputation one may have about being a gossiper.) At the end of Lui’s reading there was a Q&A and someone asked her who were the worst celebrities she’s interviewed. Her response was that most are terrible; celebrities put themselves on pedestals and they often think they’re better than everyone else. But in all honesty, if they don’t promote themselves or sell themselves to the media and public, then they are more likely to fail. Interviews and promotion are a part of their job so even though they hate it, they still need to do it, and they should do it well.

What do I hate? I hate asking for help. I hate knowing what I want, but not sure how to get it. I hate putting myself out there and wondering if it matters. I hate questioning all of this. I hate wondering if I should just find a job in an office with vacation time and a pension but no dog even though I know I really don’t want to find a job in an office with vacation time and a pension.

I think the key to success is pushing yourself rather than expecting other’s to do it for you … So I am going to work on that first. Although no one is paying me to write this… I will still make an effort. Although I don’t need to make a homemade Holiday Card, I will still spend too much time thinking about a fresh new idea. I will make 20 calendars and a big batch of marmalade to give out. Why bother? Why send mail when you can email? Because you have to do what you love doing as much as you have to do what you hate doing. And if you mix em up then maybe the bad won’t be so bad and the good will be even gooder. Amiright?

So with all this and that. Here’s my fall to-do list. The summer wrap-up post is coming next week because in my mind, summer is not over ’till my toes are numb.

  • Polish up the website portfolio
  • Update the CV and cover letter
  • Make David’s halloween costume
  • Design the 2015 desk calendars
  • Mail birthday cards to all of my nieces and nephews… even the ones that have already happened… because late is better than never
  • Plan more lunch dates
  • Road trip
  • Buy a 2014-2015 office-wear cardigan (Here is last year’s)
  • Cook more
  • Bake more
  • Watch Pitch Perfect (I can’t believe I still haven’t watched this movie!)
  • Design and mail the 2014 holiday cards
  • Network
  • Learn how to network
  • Read more magazines
  • Run a marathon (I registered!!!)
  • Take more pictures with the nice camera
  • Make marmalade
  • Go on a spa date
  • Walk in the park at least once a week
  • Ride my bike more
  • Plan meals
  • Plant some bulbs
  • Go swimming in a pool
  • Finish my push-up challenge
  • Listen to the radio more
  • Stay in a hotel
  • Start weekly dinner parties
  • Get some fun new projects or find an amazing new job

How about you? Any fresh ideas or plans? (Please tell me I am not the only one struggling in September.) IMG_1338

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