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Guys, I’ve been saved! I found the sun and it reminded me that winter is just a season… a damn long season… but when it is over, things get better. So here I am, back from Florida and ready to go! Sorry about the slow week…

Friday’s online finds: Inspirational, educational or just silly. Here is what I found this week…

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Have a lovely weekend! And happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there – I could not be more lucky to have my mom and mother-in-law in my life for love and support – and can not imagine a better little dude than this guy. Love to all!


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two things i am not

I am always the first to say that I am not a photographer nor a photoshop guru. I am however, lucky to know a hand full of people who are amazing at these skills and have called on them in the past… but not this time!

Last spring we took a family vacation to Florida and I kept my camera close by hoping to catch some good beach shots. We spent a day in Miami Beach and found the water – David was so happy to run around and I snapped away.

I decided it was time to get some stuff on the walls in the kitchen and found this one.

David-Miami Beach2

before and after 5 minutes of photoshop

The photo didn’t need much work because the ocean is actually this blue in Miami but I photoshopped out a few distractions and ordered an 8×10.

I hung it on the wall in the kitchen and patted myself on the back for getting one more thing done this week. xomeg

David-Miami Beach

Psst – The print was $4.00 and the frame is from Ikea. Thanks Jess for picking up the frames at half-price! I still owe you.

capturing moments


It’s our last day of vacation in Florida (let’s not count the travel day tomorrow). We’ve had a blast… and I will be the first to admit, Florida is damn F I N E. This trip was not on my radar of places to go but our friends convinced us, and I am glad they did! I love California, I dream of living there in all its sunny glory however I have now made a little room in my heart for the east coast (Gulf Coast). HELLO SUNSHINE. Hello warm. Hello Florida.

I am in denial that we’ve barely entered Spring back home. It’s going to be cold and dreary. Dirty and brown. I think I need to start thinking positive thoughts and write lists of ‘things to do’ when it eventually warms up. I have a hard time imagining people live is this climate all year. People say you’d miss the seasons… really? Not so sure about that! I will take sunscreen over snow pants. Humidity > windchill. I would have a yard with a pool, a few palm trees and an ocean in walking distance. Bien sur!

Aden, David and Ava on Anna Maria Island

Aden, David and Ava on Anna Maria Island

But enough day dreaming for now… I will edit the 150 + photos and focus on capturing some great moments back home. -xo-meg

​backyard bliss but it's just our rental.

​backyard bliss but it’s just our rental.