life lately

Halloween to New York and back again. Here’s life lately:

I discovered a pumpkin carving hack online – cookie cutters! My creation was titled “Stars Hollow”. David scored lots of candy and I am proud to say I didn’t eat one piece until after the marathon, which is pretty much my biggest achievement in life.

Filled up on Julian’s – carb loading before New York. I made their signature cream cheese and chive spread myself.img_6717img_6730David and Mike’s new favourite hang out. The blur flying out of the yellow slide is my son.img_6723First time watching Michael Jackson’s Thrillerimg_6728Final race of the year for David: Second place at the Beazly. There was a parent run which we made Mike do. He wants to be sure you know he finished in a three-way tie for first
img_6746img_6743Meetings at Dalhouse University always end with a salad from Pete’s
img_6754I am kind of in to having a niece close by. Jill and Alex need to take full advantage of my willingness to babysitimg_6855Off to New York! I spent the 6-hour layover in Toronto hydrating and taking selfiesimg_6864img_6866We rode the subway a lot. David’s highlight from the trip was watching a guy breakdance in a car. A low was probably when we arrived at the Times Square station only an hour after someone was pushed to their death (dun dun…)img_6869img_6870Coffee stop in Brooklyn. I take pictures of coffee shops for my friend, Nancyimg_6871And here’s where we stayed in Brooklynimg_6876Who’s running the NEW YORK CITY MARATHON tomorrow? It’s me! (read about it here)img_6880So this was a big deal for Davidimg_6881Clearly, he’s an urban kid img_6884My sister and neice came down for the afternoon and we toured the Intrepid. The kids loved it.img_6891img_6892My mom and I found the Highline and took a strollimg_6894img_6928img_6929img_6936David, Mike and my Dad went to an Oilers vs. New York Islanders game and they had a great time. The Barkley Center was really close to our place and the game went in to overtimeimg_6942Ground Zero. The last time I was in New York, it was just a construction siteimg_6946img_6949We found a Ben and Jerrys in the Rockefeller! I tried Jimmy Fallon’s The Tonight Dough and it was so goodimg_6954At the top of the Rockefeller – amazing views!img_6963img_6966img_6967img_6973The eve of the election and I was feeling pretty optimisic… img_6976A stoll through Central Park – spotted the filming of Oceans Eight. We were told Rhianna, Cate and Sandra were right thereimg_6978img_6979img_6981img_6982img_6983img_6986img_6987Times Square with all of the big screens was very overwhelming for a kidimg_6992Yup, we were still feeling pretty excited about the election on the eve ofimg_6993Last supper in Brooklynimg_6995Oh and this was being filmed on our street where we were stayingimg_6996Peace out NYCimg_6998Back to reality. School drop off. This is hopefulimg_7005Remembrance Day service in Point Pleasant Park img_7013Run and coffee date with the bestie and holiday cups make me happy!img_7019Someone is pretty excited about finishing all of his swimming levelsimg_7067 Edith came over for the evening while her parents went out, it was a school night so she had to help with French homeworkimg_7073The Movember Run happened – it was a mini reunion for the Fundy Dippers (7 out of 10 girls were able to make it!) Henry and I ran in the dog division but took a short cut back to the finish to see the runners come in (sometimes it’s fun to be a cheerleader instead) Sorry for the blur, but Robyn and Erica flew by too fast!  img_7084 Speaking of Henry – happy eleventh birthday! I am happy-sad about this. He’s the best.img_7092 And that’s a wrap. All the races are over for the year… We ended on a high note with the Youth Running Series pizza/pool party. David took home 2nd place overall for the musquito boys. We’re pretty impressed, especially considering he missed the first three races. Next year he moves up to PeeWee and I can’t say enough how great this program is for kids. ($25 for 11 event) img_7095In conclusion, sometimes its okay to make fun of yourself thanks-telling-me-about-your-weekend-social-media-funny-ecard-gp8

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A Canadian in America

Hello friends, I have a guest post for you today written by one of my very favourite writers, my sister! Erin moved to New York State twelve years ago for work (she’s a librarian) and has since married an American and they have two beautiful children.

When I woke up and read the election results on my phone my first thought was oh no, Erin. And then I thought about my niece Margaret, who at only five, is such a strong, independent and feisty girl.

We were in New York City on the weekend for the marathon and the crowds and volunteers – heck, even strangers on the subway – went above and beyond to make us feel welcome. Everyone was so nice. We flew home on election day morning and I was Hopeful. Excited. Inspired. My only wish/hope is that America will stay this way and love with trump hate.

* * * A Canadian in America * * *

I keeping thinking back to Tuesday morning. It was a beautiful autumn day.  The whole family drove to the polling station feeling optimistic and excited. Margaret chanted “Hillary Clinton. Hillary Clinton” in the backseat. Afterwards, a stranger took our picture. Margaret proudly pointed to her “future voter” sticker.  

I also had a sticker. The volunteer at the voting booth had given me one after I explained that I wasn’t participating because I was Canadian. Later that morning a colleague warily eyed the sticker. “But you didn’t vote” he said. Perhaps it was disingenuous of me to wear the sticker because, no, I did not vote. I did not vote because I am a Canadian living in America. I go to great lengths to maintain my Canadian identity and to live in a Canadian bubble. The CBC blasts through our house. My children are often dressed as if they were members of the Canadian Olympics team. I import Kraft Dinner. I am Canadian in America but my family is American. My friends are American. I work in America. What happens to America impacts me on so many levels. I am not an American but I am part of America and America is part of me.  

What happened later that night was the worst of all nightmares. The following morning, yesterday, I stumbled into work physically sick and still crying. The atmosphere at work was like a funeral. Many of us wore black. People huddled together speaking in hushed voices. Solemn nods were shared in the hallways. I completely lost it again that evening when I found Hillary Clinton’s “women card” in Margaret’s room.  

Throughout the seemingly never-ending election cycle, many people asked if I would move back to Canada if the worst case scenario happened. Definitely, I would flippantly reply. And then I would offer a parcel of land on my parent’s property. It was an easy response because in my heart I thought this could never happen. There was absolutely no way any sane nation would allow that man to be president. Now I am completely devastated, shocked, and confused. And I am angry. So unbelievably angry. But right now I am trying to do everything in my power to suppress that anger, especially the anger at those who let this happen, because it will consume me to the core.

America was on a good path. President Obama, a man of great intelligence, judgement, compassion, sincerity, humour and respect did so much to move this country forward. Hillary Clinton shares so many of those traits and I believed, still believe, that she would make a fantastic President. The president-elect shares none of these attributes and will surely cause great damage to this country and its inhabitants.  

This is not an optimistic post, obviously. I am finding it hard to be optimistic at all right now. But I did want to share this. Yesterday many Americans reached out to me to ask if I was okay, if I, a Canadian, was okay after the American election. They stopped by my desk, sent texts and emailed me. On Facebook my entire feed was a chorus of “wtfs”. And even more reassuring, it’s not just those close to me that are upset, it’s millions and millions across the nation. I’m not sure what this all means, but maybe it’s hope.


“I know we have still not shattered that highest and hardest glass ceiling, but someday, someone will, and hopefully sooner than we might think right now” … “And to all the little girls who are watching this, never doubt that you are valuable and powerful and deserving of every chance and opportunity in the world to pursue and to achieve your own dreams.” – Hillary Clinton

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