the “s” word

It is Easter Monday and there is still so much snow. Am I allowed to complain?

I am going to pitch remarketing the holidays – A Green Christmas and a White Easter, which actually makes sense, since Christmas trees are green and bunnies are white… just saying.

So, Saturday was the thrid-time-a-go Storm The Mountain Winter Eco-Challenge (I talked about it here and here). Because there’s been too much snow it was postponed twice and because of that, not all of our team could attend.* However, Mike and I convinced our friend Josh to join us making the defunct Magical Mystical Mountain Destroyers the Magical Mountain JokersIMG_2249

You’d think by April it’d become a Spring event but no, there was snow, lots of it, and we snowshoed our way to second place glory despite our lack of orienteering skills.** We figured out the compass and didn’t get lost! It was pouring rain and cold but still fun.

When we stumbled out of the woods, I was freezing, my boots were sloshing, my underwear was wet and I caught a bug – puking is recovery – but I’d do it again.

Sadly the annual Spring Eco-Challenge is not happening this year… wait for it … because there is too much snow!!!

Seriously, SNOW is the new “S” word.

* MacKenzie won U11 provincials in curling! Go girl!
** Second place in recreational… and there may of only been two recreational teams but who’s counting?!?

If you want to learn more about these crazy events, read this – learn how to use a compass and I’ll see you at the next starting line.

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5 things

  1. The results are in and writing about life, family, friends and David sparks the most interest. Thanks for participating. Poll
  2. Speaking of David, we’ve been having fun with his new eye patches. Thanks Anna for the inspirational linkIMG_1899Patch
  3. The Magical Mystical Mountain Destroyers have officially registered for the Storm the Mountain eco-challenge. I am sure it is going to be amazing. Mackenzie, who’s nine, is gonna knock the snowshoes off everyone! MMMD
  4. Booked. We’ve decided to spend more on travel and less on stuff… Making memories. Our first March Break with a school-aged kid will be a ski week with our neighbours at Sunday River. Swish swish. IMG_1946
  5. The first FNPN was held and despite a broken window it was fun! That being said, I am changing the plan… Rather than having everyone bring their own pizza, I am going to make homemade frozen individual pizzas. People can bring their drinks and toppings to share. We’ll set-up a DIY make and bake station. This should cut back on wasted food and make it feel more communal I found this recipe online. I guess I need to make some of these before I call the next FNPN.5147933b74c5b60d0a0015d5._w.540_s.fit_FNPN

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want to go for a walk?

Who likes snow, long walks in the woods, a winter adventure, hills, maps, orienteering, cold hands, cold feet, getting lost, then (hopefully) finding your way out?

Who doesn’t?

Early spring every year (almost) my mom, alice and sister Jill embark on a 24-hour eco-endurance challenge in the woods somewhere near Halifax. Throughout the 24-hours I go from dreading it, to loving it, to hating it, to loving it, to hating it and then loving it again. It pushes you and tests your limits both physically and mentally plus you get to orienteer yourself out of bogs and swamps with only a map and compass (Suri does not work well in the middle of nowhere. Trust me, I tried). I could go on and on about how fun it is and how it’s all for a good cause but instead, read my post here.

So, why am I talking about this in January? Well, good news!!! The Pugwash chapter of Search and Rescue is hosting a winter event: Storm the Mountain Adventure Challenge:

Have you ever been to the E2C and wished that someone would invent a winter version? Well our fellow Search and Rescue volunteers on the Pugwash team have answered your call! Pugwash GSAR are running their own adventure challenge this winter, in Wentworth, and we’re encouraging past and present E2C folks to sign up. It’s on February 7th, 2015 so you can expect snow and challenging conditions! There are 4-hr and 8-hr challenges available, with special rates for youth participants.

Now first, when they say Wentworth, know it’s the other side of the road. Not the ski hill. There won’t be chairlifts to ride folks. The good news is that the other side is beautiful and has great views. The bad news is there are hills and it won’t be easy. (If anyone has done the Sunofa Gunofa Trail run you will know what I mean by challenging) but if you are up for it, it will be worth it indeed.

Now that I have enticed you in with these sweet words or promising fun… Anyone interested in forming a team? Mike says he’ll do it but the problem is neither of us are great with a compass. I can get by but without my mom, I would be nervous. My team contribution is usually punch card holder/control runner and my nickname is Eagle Eyes – both have nothing to do with orienteering skills. That being said, I was born reading a map and I have been up there a dozen or so times plus, if we’re lucky and there is snow, we can benefit from tracks. So, if anyone out there is interested in joining us and knows a compass as good (or hopefully even better) as me, let’s do it! Even if we get lost, my mom is a member of Pugwash GSAR so I am quite confident they’ll look for us.


Photo taken last winter of me having FUN in the snowy woods at my parent’s house.

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