holiday snaps

I hope everyone is enjoying a bit of holiday cheer. I am taking a bit of a break from my home-office and computer but wanted to share a few photos from December. Two of David’s cousins are in town from New York so it has been fun to see the kids together. I will be back with some Friday Finds and my 2016 bucket list … but until then, have a good one!

1The great tree hunt of 2015. Unlike Clark Griswold, we have no problem going to the local lot. David got his own tree this year.2We made a heck of a lot of shortbread cookies
3.1My favourite view in December
3.2An early Christmas at the Ackerman’s. Your eyes are not playing tricks, that is half-a-tree!
3.3David squeezed in a morning at soccer camp session. He loved it.
4I may only go once a year but when I do, I make sure to find the cutest church out there.
5What’s Christmas without matching PJs?
6David and Margaret are adding raisin buttons to the cookies for Santa.
7 8A little quality control.
9Christmas Eve. Erin, Jill (and Sam) played some beautiful holiday songs on the piano for us.
10If I can’t have a white Christmas, I’ll happily take +15 degrees and sunshine. Perfect weather for an 8km run with Alex and Allie.
11Jill’s friend made a plate of amazing sweets for our Christmas dessert.
12Boxing day hike in Wentworth.
13Rocks do not work as great tripods. You get the picture – a big family walk.
14Better late than never. David and I drove around looking at the Christmas lights in Halifax. Photos by David.
15Dinner with the Hulk and Darth Vader.
16Turns out suitcases with wheels were a big hit for all three kids this year. They all loved them.
17 18 19And finally, the three sisters had a pasta night at Jill’s house. Margaret and David helped.

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old photos

Have you heard about Grandpa’s Photos? A family found a collection of old photographs taken by their Grandfather. Unfortunately Grandpa can not remember where the photos were taken, or the stories behind them and so this site has been created to help the family identify the locations. If you recognize a place, let them know. Or, better yet, take a picture in the same place and send it to them.

Great idea. great photos.

It got me thinking about old family photos of favourite memories and places. A few years ago, my cousin scanned boxes of slides and negatives her parents took. They’re of pre-kid adventures, babies, holidays, growing kids and the beach! After discovering Grandpa’s Photos, I got caught in an hour of going through the pictures Kathleen scanned and I especially enjoyed the ones at the beach.

Hands down, the Gulf Shore in Pugwash Nova Scotia is a favourite place. When we were kids, my cousins rented a cottage every summer and there were many days spent on the beach. Our other cousins lived close by which made it extra special. A few weeks ago, we were back at the beach with David and Henry making new memories… it is still special.

So, there is no need to identify the location in the photos below, and although I am not sure who some of the kids are I can say, most of these cute kids are family.My beautiful picture My beautiful picture My beautiful picture My beautiful picture My beautiful picture My beautiful picture My beautiful picture My beautiful picture My beautiful picture My beautiful picture My beautiful picture My beautiful picture My beautiful picture

Enjoy the beach this summer.

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you take the good, you take the bad

We are super fortunate to be able to book a trip to England (2 weeks!) but in the grand scheme of things, it sucks that we have to travel so far to see our family. And, what sucks more is 5 out 5 of David’s cousins live out of the country. Actually, 5 out of 5 were not even born in Canada so we don’t get to see them nearly as much as we’d like.

The positive is we have a good excuse to travel and traveling is really important to us. David, not even five, has already been to Montreal twice, California, Spain, Washington DC, Florida and New England (Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont and New York) four times … and almost all of these trips have been to see family.

Last year we took a non-family-visiting-adventure to Florida with friends and had a blast (and with the winter we’ve been having, it’d be really nice to go back) however we’ve decided to head to (the less than tropic) England. I am really excited! We haven’t spent quality time in England since pre-child and can’t wait to make the journey. Plus, bonus, we have even more family in England with my cousin and her husband in Oxford!

Traveling with a child offers a lot more challenges but it also forces you to try new adventures and obstacles you may not tackle when staying home. Each age seems to have its pros and cons but the one thing I’ve found is you can’t rely on your itinerary as much, and most of the time, I’d rather bring David along for the experience then leave him at home.

Would I prefer to have all of our family in one place? Damn straight! But, as it is now, I am happy to accept New York and England as destination we will continue to visit as much as possible. It could be worse.

So, stay tuned for some jolly ol’ British posts and an update to my life list as I plan to check-off two things!


California. 7 months


Montreal. 14 months


Spain. 18 months


Washington DC. Age 2 (minus 1 week)


New Hampshire. Age 3


Florida. Age 4 (minus 2 weeks)


New York State. Age 4

psst. We also have extended family in Newfoundland, Alberta, North West Territories, Yukon, Ontario, Ireland and Hong Kong so there will always be places to go and people to see.

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