the ghosts of halloween past

It’s a sad halloween for this mom. Since about October 25 of last year, David has made it very clear that he no longer digs the homemade costumes so it was the Green Lantern or bust in 2016.halloween-2016-1A lot of blood, sweat and minimal sewing skills went into my creations but this year, all I did was a check-out at … To be honest, I have checked-out completely this holiday since the marathon is in SIX DAYS and I am trying to avoid all things sugary including chocolates and stoop wine on Halloween night. Lame. I know.

So to celebrate my lack of creativity, lets take a trip down memory lane and look back at some of our better years. I have less than 365 days to convince my child to let me put my fine arts degree to good use again.

Fire fighter: 2011halloween-2011My Itsy Bitsy Spider : 2012halloween-2012Boo-ya!: 2013 (2 costumes, 1 year)halloween-2013halloween-2013bUp and Away: 2014halloween-2014Mission Halloween: 2015halloween-2015Be safe. Have fun. halloween-2016-2

(I’m a purple pencil crayon)

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up and away

C’est Halloween (tomorrow)! This makes me relieved for three reasons:

  • The mini chocolate bars, that I’ve done a terrible job at not eating this week, will exit the house
  • The pumpkin flavoured/scented everything will hopefully be done! (marketing overkill much?)
  • I can compost the dead potted mums and the rotten pumpkins sitting on my porch

I am happy to report I have made it though another year without a Superhero costume. Nothing against all of the Superhero kids… I just like making stuff and my skills do not include sewing. To avoid this, I spent a bit of time on Pinterest looking for ideas which I then I shared with David. To my surprise, he picked his favourite and committed. Phew. Unlike last year, this costume is rather simple. We started with a sketch:


As you can clearly see, he is a HOT AIR BALLOON PILOT.

I bought a basket (50% off sale at Michaels) and cut out the bottom.* DSC_0540

I hung flour-filled balloons off the sides (aka propane tanks). DSC_0537

and made carrying suspenders out of braided twine I recycled from last year’s pirate ship.

The helium balloon was tied on with baker’s twine and ribbon. DSC_0542

David already owned the jean jacket and scarf but the aviator goggles and cap came from a party supply store. DSC_0534 DAVID

I actually got two helium balloons. My original plan was to use the little balloon for school and the big one for trick-or-treating but I am nervous the costume may be too awkward for the school hallway. Sadly, he may go to school dressed as a pilot. Dammit Janet! 

RHPS forever. Happy halloween y’all!

*  *  *

See David’s past costumes here.

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* When Halloween is over, I am just going to put extra throws in it… as a stationary blanket holder, you don’t really need a bottom.


Oh, I love Halloween! Not because I enjoy dressing up… because I don’t. But I love making David’s costume. I wish I could say he’s had a homemade costume ever year but not so. I can say however, once I went homemade, I haven’t gone back.

Year one, the little lion. Second hand score.


Year two, the clown. Second hand score.


Year three, the fire truck! (and yes, the apple sauce cups had light underneath)


Year four, the spider and his web


Year five – Part 1, the pirate ship.

photo copy

This year I started early because I knew I’d be away the week before Halloween. I found a few Pinspirations and was off running.


Because the costume is a wee bit awkward, I did a second costume for a birthday party David was invited to. This idea came from Oh Happy Day and it was super simple and quick to make!

Year five – Part 2, the photo booth picture


We live in an awesome neighbourhood where there are smoke machines and everyone dresses up. We got 200+ kids and David had a lot of fun, which is probably why I enjoy making his costume more and more every year. I was however a little surprised, when after working on his ship for a few weeks, he asked me on Halloween eve if I could make him a costume…? Hum, I guess the ship doesn’t count.

Happy Halloween. xomeg