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Friday’s online finds: Inspirational, educational or just silly. Here is what I found this week…

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Have a lovely weekend! Today is my nephew’s birthday and I get to see him Sunday so that is awesome.

And finally, it is very rare we snap a family photo but I decided take one for our Christmas cards – a timer-selfie, can you tell I sprinted back just in time?


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lovely ideas

I would not put Valentine’s Day at the top of my favourite holiday list but I do enjoy red, pink and hearts in small doses. In our house, we do not go crazy with decorations nor do we plan an extravagant date night but, I do enjoy making a heart-themed window banner and designing some Valentines for David’s daycare.

Here’s the plan:

banana valentine

I also did this one as an alternative:

light valentine

But I think I will go with the Banana because then I can do this:

photo 1

photo 3

And, if you are one for buying lovely stuff for your lovely, here is a collection of items I found online. How apropos! xomeg


A. Je t’aime collier de mes rêves* / B. Graphic print in Red / C. A heart chair / D. A HOT and SPICY treat for your hottie / E. I can’t say I like this table, but it fits the occasion perfectly / F. Chocolates are a go-to for the holiday and Junior Mints are the best / G. What says I love you like office supplies? / H. I Love You Mug / I. Forget Valentine’s Day, I will take this TIC TAC table any day! / J. Nelson Marshmallow Sofa under your bottom, yes please / K. A V BALL for V DAY / L. For writing all of those love notes / M. Nothing is more lovely than sending mail / N. 1-800-1LOVYOU / O. In case your love is not permanent, go for a temporary tattoo / P. Blush blush