wrap it up

December is busy baby. I may of taken on more than I should of, and at this point wish I had more time to gaze at the tree, but that’s life. Especially life as a freelancer. I am however doing my best to keep things festive and productive… and what’s being productive without a list?

Lets rewind and see how I did this fall based on my goal list I posted here

  • Mail birthday cards to all of my nieces and nephews… even the ones that have already happened… because late is better than never (Yup!)
  • Plan more lunch dates (Yes, it was mostly the same date but we went to different places… that counts right?)
  • Road trip (Yup! New England)
  • Buy a 2014-2015 office-wear cardigan (Here is last year’s(Nope, still wearing last year’s!)
  • Cook more (I think this is a no)
  • Bake more (I think this is a no)
  • Watch Pitch Perfect (YESSSS and as soon as I saw it, it finally came to Netflix)
  • Design and mail the 2014 holiday cards (Yup!)

IMG_1744 IMG_1745 IMG_1746 IMG_1748

  • Network (I think this is a no)
  • Learn how to network (I think this is a no)
  • Read more magazines (I have a pile of unread magazines on my coffee table to read over the holiday)
  • Run a marathon (I registered!!!) (Yup!)
  • Take more pictures with the nice camera (I think this is a no)
  • Make marmalade (Yup!)


  • Go on a spa date (No!)
  • Walk in the park at least once a week (Mostly!)
  • Ride my bike more (No!)
  • Plan meals (No!)
  • Plant some bulbs (No!)
  • Go swimming in a pool (Yup! In the states, outside, heated, dreamy)
  • Finish my push-up challenge (Yup! Sorry, no video to share)
  • Listen to the radio more (No, but I got into podcasts big time!)
  • Stay in a hotel (Yup!)
  • Start weekly dinner parties (more than before and plans for more and more often which will be updated more on my 2015 list)
  • Get some fun new projects or find an amazing new job (lets just say it depends on the day how I feel about this)

I will recap YEAR 2014 at the end of December but am already thinking of things for the New Year. In the meantime, if you haven’t already, start using #nschristmas. It’s gonna be a good one.

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b is for birthday

No, not my birthday.

I was hired by my friend’s sister to design a digital invite for her daughter’s first birthday. I said yes because

  1. Estelle is adorable
  2. I loved working with Danielle on her wedding (repeat clients are the best!)
  3. I am not evite.com … two thumbs up for choosing a self-employed gal!

Here is the invite Print

And because I love you more than evite, here is a template you can use for your own party. Contact me if you want to go custom. Birthday Card-template-01

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