okay, maybe i can…

Last week I listed the 10 things I just can’t get behind… I know, it was harsh and not all of you agreed but that’s okay, we’re still friends, right? Since then, I still have not gone on a cruise or bought a minivan so my opinions rest, however, you’ll be happy to know there are

10 things I was not loving… but now I am

  1. Harry Potter > Whoa! Starting off big. I read the first book years ago and my feelings were meh… I didn’t bother with the movies either but when our basement flooded and insurance gave us a cheque to replace a pile of damaged books, I bought the full series for David. We’ve been making our way through them and we’re both big fans. #teamGryffindor
  2. Side splits > Split ends… celebrity splits… there’s nothing good about splits but then I discovered the mid-century side split floor plan.
  3. Candles > When you turn 35, it’s mandatory to burn scented candles and invest in diffusers.
  4. Black and (NAVY) Blue > I’m talking colour combinations here. I know people will want to fight about this but I am in love.
  5. Green smoothies > People talk and talk about how amazing green smoothies are and I was like gross. I love spinach but the thought of a green smoothie made me queasy. Despite my apprehension, I gave it a go and it turns out they’re great. So good that I am interested in getting one of those single-smoothie-making-machines. Any recommendations?
  6. The Office > Have you seen it? I am very picky with comedy. Don’t push me – let me ease in and discover it for myself which is why I was hesitant. Thanks Sophie for making me take the leap.
  7. Florida > Jodie and Tim talked us into joining them on holiday on Anna Maria Island a few years ago and I honestly thought it was going to be like a cruise ship but on an island instead of a boat… Flordia is for people who are either older than 60 or younger than  10… but oh how wrong I was! We’ve gone back once more and I frequently dream of moving to the cul de sac next to Courteney Cox and Busy Philipps – Cougar Town life is for me.
  8. SUP boards and downhill skiing > I am definitely not okay with rollerblading and basketball shorts but SUP boarding is fun and skiing isn’t that bad.
  9. Olives > You love them or hate them. I now love them all.  
  10. Black Coffee > Since 1994, I’ve gone from medium double-double to black. I salute the Chemex for this bold move. 

See, I am not a terrible person. I can change. What about you? I need to know what you love and hate.


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i just can’t

In my bullet journal, I have a section called 10-things in which I’ve created random lists of 10. Here’s my first:

10 things I can not get behind

  1. Cottage Country > Once upon a time, I subscribed to a few stylish Canadian home magazines and every spring, there’d be features about Cottage Country. I am sorry, but these mansions are NOT cottages. You’re fooling no one Ontario.
  2. Paint Nite > The only thing I think I’d like about Paint Nite is the wine but it’s probably cheap like the art supplies provided.
  3. Game of Thrones (or as I keep calling it Games of Throne) > Whatever, It sucks. When the baby dragons showed up, I bailed.
  4. Cruise ships > You’re stuck on a boat with a bunch of strangers and then you’re only given a few hours to explore a port.  I am way too much of a planner to vacation with these constraints.
  5. Running skirts > Why? Isn’t the point of athletic wear to dress down, not up?
  6. Almond butter > I tried. It’s gross. Give me my KRAFT crunchy.
  7. Kids cartoons and kids music > Of course I love Raffi and Toy Story but most are crap. This may be why I only have one child. In general, the whole kid’s section of Netflix makes me what to scream. (I also hate the Simpson’s)
  8. Corelle > You know, those really thin plates and bowls? The sound of utensils scraping the bottom makes me cringe.
  9. Minivans > I mean this is obvious, right? Everyone who makes the switch says they love their minivan but we all know the truth…  And is it just me or does every near-accident on the road involve a minivan?
  10. Urban camo >  Who are you hiding from? Ain’t no deers in Dartmouth Crossing.

Sorry if this offends y’all, but I just can’t!

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