eight is great

David turned eight. Another year, another awesome product placement:Not quite the balloon-shot I had envisioned but it works:  It’s always good to recognize your weaknesses. For me, it’s cake decorating. Icing a cake is the worst: May this year bring him lots of great adventures and not too many broken bones:

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up and away

C’est Halloween (tomorrow)! This makes me relieved for three reasons:

  • The mini chocolate bars, that I’ve done a terrible job at not eating this week, will exit the house
  • The pumpkin flavoured/scented everything will hopefully be done! (marketing overkill much?)
  • I can compost the dead potted mums and the rotten pumpkins sitting on my porch

I am happy to report I have made it though another year without a Superhero costume. Nothing against all of the Superhero kids… I just like making stuff and my skills do not include sewing. To avoid this, I spent a bit of time on Pinterest looking for ideas which I then I shared with David. To my surprise, he picked his favourite and committed. Phew. Unlike last year, this costume is rather simple. We started with a sketch:


As you can clearly see, he is a HOT AIR BALLOON PILOT.

I bought a basket (50% off sale at Michaels) and cut out the bottom.* DSC_0540

I hung flour-filled balloons off the sides (aka propane tanks). DSC_0537

and made carrying suspenders out of braided twine I recycled from last year’s pirate ship.

The helium balloon was tied on with baker’s twine and ribbon. DSC_0542

David already owned the jean jacket and scarf but the aviator goggles and cap came from a party supply store. DSC_0534 DAVID

I actually got two helium balloons. My original plan was to use the little balloon for school and the big one for trick-or-treating but I am nervous the costume may be too awkward for the school hallway. Sadly, he may go to school dressed as a pilot. Dammit Janet! 

RHPS forever. Happy halloween y’all!

*  *  *

See David’s past costumes here.

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* When Halloween is over, I am just going to put extra throws in it… as a stationary blanket holder, you don’t really need a bottom.

my dude

With the arrival of April it means two things:

  1. My blog has turned 1 (no need for presents, your readership is enough)
  2. My boy is turning 5!

As mentioned here, David has been planning his birthday since last April and I have been thinking about it since February, so embrace yourself for a bit of boy overload this month. First up, setting the scene with a five-year-old’s inspiration board:

boys toys

*A. Swatch Flik Flak in Turquoise / B. Boogie Board Ripster Pro 40in Kids Surfboard / C. Boden Anorak Jacket / D. Gap City Graphic T / E. NIkon Coolpix S31 Camera / *F. Helium 20 Bike by Louis Garneau / *G. Penny Original 22″ Skateboard / H. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles / I. Tretorn Strala Boots / J. Best of Boat Worlds Desk Organizer Set / K. Rad Tee / L. Chuck Taylor Kriss Kross Sneakers / M. Boys Chambray Flat-Front Shorts / N. Burton’s After School Special Snowboard / O. Herschel heritage kids’ backpack / P. 9 ft Tecmo Delta Kite / Q. Tonka Steel Classic Back Hoe / R. Toms Navy Sailboats Youth Classics (*stuff he owns and loves)

*  *  *

Stay tuned for the party planning and more stuff on this guy but in the meantime, I thought I’d share a picture of David’s sneakers – indoor sneakers. Things don’t last long around here. Oh boy!


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