taking stock : january

It is Blue Monday. How are y’all handling it?

I’m cold and it feels like -16C outside but when the temperature goes low, I go high!

Literally: Yesterday, on the drive home from the ski hill, I saw a plug for these mittens in a magazine and I think I am going to order a pair. I my mom and I have (self-diagnosed) Raynauds and this winter has been especially miserable. Most mornings I can barely unlock the door when I come home from a walk and I was in tears at the gas pump a few weeks ago when I couldn’t get my hands to work. It is not a fun way to live so instead of feeling down about the situation, I am going to invest in feeling sensation in my fingers again.

Mentally: I am taking stock. Inspired by people online: (here and here) I thought it’d be fun to fill in the blanks:

January Twenty Seventeen


My sister and all the women marching in Washington on January 21.

Movies. I need to watch more movies. The Oscar nominees will be announced in 8 days and I already know I am wayyyyy behind. I did see La La Land and loved it! 

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Thinking about  
The idea of shifting my work schedule next school year to accommodate after school with David.

Listening to
Podcasts. I really enjoyed CBC’s Missing & Murdered: Who Killed Alberta Williams

Dreaming of
Summer and family holidays.

I had ladkas this weekend – amazing! I need to get into cooking as I am feeling uninspired right now.

Tea is my favourite thing right now. Not red wine, I keep getting headaches.

A lot less (it’s January so we’re working on purging over buying)

Wondering if 
A running coach is worth it (thoughts?)

Dealing with my iPhone problems. The damn thing is broken and I need to get it fixed but I have no desire to do so.

Scented candles. At what point did I become the age when you burn scented candles all of the time?

Socks. I got 11 pairs of socks for Christmas.


Facebook. I have stopped clicking on links. 

Morning walks to school with David and Henry.

In celebration of BLUE MONDAY, I will take this star print shirt please!

How about you? Do you stop and take stock of life lately? 

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