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Friday’s online finds: Inspirational, educational or just silly. Here is what I found this week…

Have a fantastic weekend. I am heading to Pugwash – my sister and her family are in town from New York and there is a mother-daughter cottage-celebration planned for Sunday night. photo

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Photo: Taken with my iPhone: My parents backyard on the Wallace River, Nova Scotia.

meanwhile, elsewhere

I enjoy when other “people” (bloggers) lead me down a road of links – stuff they’ve seen online and found inspirational, educational or just silly so thought I’d start doing the same. Here are this week’s finds.

Have a fantastic weekend. I am heading to the valley for a wedding, moonlighting as a photographer’s assistant! IMG_0879

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Photo: Taken with my iPhone: Evangeline Beach, Nova Scotia. 

hello sunshine

In celebration of my blossoming blog, here are some awesome Hello Sunshine items for you to enjoy. I must admit the title of my blog came from a song I heard on the television show The O.C. (flashback!). This is kind of cheesy, but not as much as my iPhone ringtone.


A. Kate Spade iPhone Case / B. Pillow / C. Sunny Tote Bag / D. Hello Sunshine Print / E. Door Mat / F. Cup of Sunshine anyone? / G. O’Neill  Tee  / H. Silver Street Compact Mirror / I. Beach Towel / J. Rifle Paper Co. Hello Sunshine Cards

Lets hope there is an abundance of sunshine ahead. –xo-meg

serious business

A friend ‘gave’ me a library book for my birthday and with only 3 weeks to read it, I jumped right in. Blog, Inc.: Blogging for Passion, Profit, and to Create Community by Joy Deangdeelert Cho is a great read for a newbie to the blogging world. I am learning a lot and am already questioning my direction. (This is probably good to do now before I actually tell more than 10 people that I am blogging. Right?) … I should clarify, when I say NEWBIE, I am referring to writing a blog. I am a self-admitting blog-a-holic when it comes to reading them. I scan about a dozen or so daily – some through e-mail subscription, some by bookmarks and some from my Google homepage.

When I first announced I was blogging, a few peeps said “I don’t know what a blog is, but I’ll read yours!” (Thanks guys.) A blog is an online space you can update as frequently as you want. It can relate to your life and career… Sort of like an online journal / scrapbook / photo album. For me, I like the lifestyle approach – a bit of personal mixed with professional. My long-term goal is to offer an East Coast perspective to design, lifestyle, shopping and fashion. It’s about time I toot my local horn. eh?

So – why am I blogging? Why not? Even if only a few people read Hello Sunshine – it’s a fun why to archive the going-ons of life. I work at home, and Henry (the dog) offers little for conversation – It can get lonely! I need to chat and talk about lovely things especially since I spend most of my time immersed in advertorial design. According to all of the ‘experts’ (other self-employed design people who blog), blogging is a great way to spread the word and share your offerings in a less structured online portfolio kind-of-way. Example: if I work on a sister-in-law’s party invite, I can blog about it right away… Oh wait, I just did that. Happy birthday Rachel. I have some big plans ahead, like actually building a proper blog space, however attempting a weekly update is good enough for now. -xo-meg


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It’s now spring in Nova Scotia but it still looks like winter outside. Hello Sunshine is a nice introduction to what is hopefully coming… Things to look forward to in the next few months:

1. Easter egg hunt with David

2. Birthday party planning and invite design

3. Family trip to South-West Florida with the Connors!

4. David’s 4th birthday, oh my!

5. My annual mother-daughter weekend – Eco-Endurance Challenge 2013

6. The Halifax Crafters weekend, especially Amanda’s table!

7. Running my (official) 10th half-marathon at the Bluenose… they’re celebrating a 10th too!

8. Planting some gardens and tending to some well-needed landscaping after a year of renovations. Maybe a porch-painting party too?

(I could add one or two more but let’s keep it an even number)

So this is the start of something… no promises, but hopefully photos and words ​about family, life and inspiration. -xo-meg

​David's third birthday! (Party hat by Amanda)

​David’s third birthday! (Party hat by Amanda)

Party hat by Amanda Fullerton of bigDAY party shop