Martha’s calling

My uncle was the Master of Ceremonies at our wedding and he made a joke that Martha (Stewart) was calling and wants her planner back. I made binder bible and there were lots and lots of sketches, clippings, notes and instructions.

No lie, when I subscribed to Martha Stewart Weddings magazine – which I did for several years even after my wedding – I would scan every issue’s table of contests page* and store them in a binder. Pretty clever right? Much faster than flipping through each issue trying to remember where I saw that great idea. I still have my reference binders and better yet, I still have almost all of my magazines. I am the person Pinterest was made for. IMG_2476

It has been ages since I’ve gone through an issue but I can say, without a doubt, most of her ideas from ten years ago are still spectacular. These days we are spoiled with oodles of online inspiration but there is nothing better than sitting back and relaxing with a wedding magazine and Martha is simply the best!Martha

*I did this archiving with my Wish (RIP) and Bon Appétit subscriptions as well.

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Photos from Martha Stewart Weddings