a whole new world

Finally, David’s bedroom update!

Way back in 2013, I wrote about wanting to do this (here) and I had full intentions to start right away but the project kept getting neglected… funny, considering he’s an only child and they tend not to get neglected but I am happy to say (show), after a lot of research, it’s done.


I will be the first to admit, I got major inspiration for his room from a post I read here. I fell in love with the atlas wallpaper /red bunk bed combo and used them as my starting off point. We searched high and low (haha) for a bunk bed in the city that was affordable but not cheaply made.

We found a beautiful locally made bunk bed but it was + $1000 (unfinished) and was too big for the room. We thought about buying online (here or here or here) but again, very pricy and not quite what I wanted. We also thought about buying and painting the Ikea bunk bed but shipping and paint would cost more then the bed itself.

So, in the end, I convinced Mike to build it. Reason being, it’d be sturdier than Ikea’s, cheaper than the other 3, no shipping and we (Mike) could paint them red! The other great thing about D.I.Y. is it’s attached to the wall – meaning it saves a few inches of space in the room because there’s no gap between the wall (and baseboard) and the bed. We also added an extra foot to the length of the bed to allow room for custom boxes at each head to serve as built-in nightstands. Clever eh?


Because I am an honest and a non-professional interior designer, I think it’s fair to share some of the problems we encountered.

First and foremost being the Wallpaper – apparently (from the amount of cursing I heard), it was not easy to hang. Matching up outlines of counties is hard, especially in an old house with wonky walls. Once it was hung it looked amazing for a few months until one particular time-out session when David decided to draw some run-away escape routes… on his wall. Hard to resist when you are stuck in your room with a marker and a ten-foot long map. So many possibilities. I was really mad until I realized he could be the next Columbus… or Cabot!


The second lesson learnt was the paint. We used Annie Sloan’s Emperor’s Silk. It was our first time using the product and the colour is great but the purpose of the paint is more for refinishing old and/or ugly furniture. Not raw wood. It was expensive and soaked up a lot of paint. I think it would of been smarter to shop at a big box store instead. Opps. Still, read about the paint – I highly recommend it for what it’s intended for (and stay tuned for an upcoming post featuring the paint again).


Live and learn. Here are some more pics:

DSC_0238 DSC_0242 DSC_0246 DSC_0247 DSC_0250DSC_0254DSC_0251

So that’s it. I hope you enjoyed. Sweet dreams.

Links to stuff: paint / wallpaper / bedding, dog stuffie, chair, shelf, step stool, caddy, carpet(s), dresser pull handles, star light / curtains / Blinth number poster / door hanger / dresser (yard sale)

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Good night, room. Good night, moon.

We did a little bedroom update this weekend. I’ve decided it is time to declutter and to do so, I need to rethink the space I have.

I ordered the book the life-changing magic of tidying up – the Japanese art of decluttering and organizing by Marie Kondo because true to its name, I have actually read several life-changing stories from people who have practiced what Ms. Kondo preaches.

And without even reading the book, I knew the first place to start was our bedroom. It’s small (11’x12′), the ceilings are sloped, it lacks a closet and the window is low to the ground. Luckily we have a spare room that holds all of our clothes (aka. worst guest room ever), but dressers are like gold in an old home so I wanted to maximize the space by getting a bed frame with storage underneath and a big dresser for linen and extra bedding. IMG_2627 IMG_2628 IMG_2629 IMG_2630 IMG_2632

To do so I knew I needed to purge and the first thing to go was the bookshelf full of books (gasp!) As much as I love my books, why do I need to fill my small space with so many? It looked cluttered and led to side-sweeping, rather than walking along the foot of the bed.

Good riddance warped shelf and secondhand dresser*.

Sadly however, the Ikea assembly party is over and I now have a much bigger, messier project ahead. Remember that guest room I mentioned and all those books? Here’s what it looks like now: IMG_2625

At this point, everything from our bedroom, the linen cabinet, the hallway dresser, my office and the bathroom are going to be dumped in this room for strict evaluation and hopefully, over time, I can sort it all out and donate/sell/toss a bunch of it and allow this guest room to be the most lovely guest room it can be.

What about you? Any good tips on purging and/or organizing? Want to buy some used books? I plan to start an online yard sale so stay tuned!

*Disclaimer: The secondhand dresser did not go far… it moved one room over to my office but who said purging was easy?! IMG_2634psst. If you like what you’re reading, please subscribe and share. xomeg

*   *   *

  • Ikea’s Fjell bed frame with storageHemnes 3 drawer chestHemnes nightstands (already owned) and Valby Ruta rug
  • Paint colour (already painted): Benjamin Moore’s Touch of Grey, which is actually more lavender than grey and looks great with the red and dark brown wood.
  • The lamps are from Homesense (2 years ago)
  • Window shade from Sears (6 years ago)
  • Clock from L.L.Bean (4 years ago)
  • Chair from Wicker Emporium (6 years ago)
  • Dish from J.Crew (1 year ago)
  • Bedspread from The Bay (9 years ago)
  • Quilt made by my aunt!

meanwhile, elsewhere

Friday’s online finds: Inspirational, educational or just silly. Here is what I found this week…

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Have a lovely weekend! The Storm The Mountain eco-challenge has been postponed due to too much snow!!! (Go figure). I am both sad and relieved. Maybe I should take this extra time as a sign that I should practice my orienteering skills … Nah, I’ll drink wine and watch Oscar movies instead.

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leaving it to the pro

I’ve been thinking about an update to David’s room as he’s now four and it’d be fun to make a change to what’s going on in there. David’s room is small, like all of the rooms upstairs, (10×10 ish) and it has a teeny-tiny closet. The room was done before he was born so it’s somewhat neutral (although you can tell I had an inkling it was a boy = pale blue walls and orange accents).

I thought it’d be fun to show David twelve themes of boyish bedding… after all, he’s the pro when it comes to what four-year-old boys are into these days. Let’s just say, our tastes differ a bit but that’s to be expected.


all snapshots are from The Land of Nod!

Drum rolllllll, and the winner is “oh-bouy” – nautical, boats, beach, blue, red, grey and yellow. Shall we dive in?

The number one item on my (David’s) wish list are bunk-beds! What kid doesn’t want an extra spot for sleepovers? In a small room, you need to maximize your vertical space too! Also, it’s important to not overdue the theme too much – no need for sea sickness.

Boys Room

Here’s the low-down

  • A: Neutral curtains over an existing pull-shade.
  • B: A fun coastline bed-side light.
  • C:  These wall hooks are the best – I actually have a few spots in my home where i’d happily hang these guys!  Should I buy in bulk?
  • D/G: A slim teak desk and a foldable chair will leave less clutter but offers a space for homework.
  • E: A rug, which matches the curtains, will warm up the room.
  • F: Fun linens with a pop of colour!
  • H/I: Books books and more books – the nightstand and the red caddy will fill up.​
  • J/K:  Matching bed and dresser.
  • L:  With a desk long dresser, bunk-beds and a nightstand, there is no room to sit – so a pouf will float around nicely and act as a seat or table.
  • M: Wire bins – for socks, toys, and whatever else can be put in there, rather than on the floor!
  • N: The small closet will turn into open shelves – boys don’t need to hang much, so let’s maximize some storage space and use funky neon green shelves.
  • O: What nautical room is complete without a pipe-smoking seagull?
  • P: The world map – not THAT nautical, but I think every kids needs to know where they stand in this big ol’ world of ours.
  • Q/R/S/U: A sham to match the linens, a nautical quilt, an anchor pillow and a flag throw pillow completes the theme and can easily be swapped out when/if his taste changes.
  • T: Some fun desk decor.

So when is this happening? Probably not right away because landscaping is at the top of our list but it’s fun to have plan. – xomeg

oh, and just so you know, here’s what the room looks like now


psst… The Alphabet and Number prints will find a new home downstairs… technically I purchased them for my baby-to-be, but knew they’d always have a place on my walls regardless of what happened to the nursery.