and on the seventh year we partied

I feel like a bit of a party-pooper for saying this, but kids parties are not as fun as I always expect them to be. Don’t get me wrong, I love planning and hosting events but it’s exhausting and somewhat unrewarding to party with 5 six-to-eight year old boys.

A few months ago I started talking with my client (child) about what he wanted his seventh birthday party to be. Pool party, house party, bowling? He suggested a Citadel Hill party but the weather is way too iffy in April to pull that off.

I will do a lot for my son but I will not stand on the highest peak in Halifax freezing my bum off for two hours while a bunch of kids run around playing ‘war’ in an historic site that does not have central heating.

In the middle of our planning, right before I was about to book the local pool, the Halifax Hurricanes came to David’s school and although he doesn’t have a huge interest in basketball, he became an instafan of the Hurricane’s and had a slight brush with fame:Screen Shot 2016-04-25 at 10.02.25 AMAnd so we decided it’d be fun to take some friends to a game. Obviously I got planning and decided to add a pizza party to the occasion so I could: A. Spend time with the parents and B. Check another party off my must host 12 parties in 2016 list.

Take a look!Davids7invite.inddInvites and VIP Guest Passes : the guest pass was my backup in case I lost one of them – they wore them around their neck the whole time. DSC_0778Treat bags – rather than having a heyday at the Dollar Store, I ordered team shirts for each of them from The Lost Cod Clothing Co, and I raided my pantry fro snacks to avoid expensive canteen popcorn. DSC_0007What’s a party without a giant balloon?
Non matching table ware. Don’t care. IMG_5284DSC_0004Cupcakes! Barefoot Contessa’s Chocolate Cake recipe + Martha Stewart’s Cream Cheese Frosting recipeIMG_5285The boys. The energy was wild…DSC_0781David and I made a bb ball bannerDSC_0773

Until next year… although, I think I’ll hire a babysitter to entertain them and just party with their parents. Ha.

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