winter is coming

I dislike winter, but I think I dislike Game of Thrones More….

Still friends? Moving on.

Fall is over. Done! Did you accomplish everything on your list? I didn’t but that’s okay. After all, It is the time of year when you should be thankful for all of the amazing stuff you DID accomplish this year and start planning all of the things you will and won’t attempt to do in 2016. That list is coming… but today, I’m looking back at what happened from October 1 to December 21 – Feeling it. Falling for it

  1. Write 2-3 posts a weekYes! Mostly two but was anyone counting?
  2. Wallpaper something – No. I will keep adding this to my lists until I actually do it.
  3. Paint somethingYes! We still have not tackle our bathroom update but I painted my sister’s bathroom vanity. Chalk paint for the win.
  4. Run a marathonYes! Chicago. (warning, Chicago comes up often on this list)
  5. Rake leaves – Yes! And in all honesty, I’d rather shovel. Say it ain’t so. 
  6. Carve a pumpkin – Yes! We asked random trick-or-treaters who’s pumpkin was the best and David won. So much for the classics. 
  7. Avoid all things pumpkin flavoured. Unless in a pie – Yes! I ate a slice of pie and avoided everything else despite the marketing overload. 
  8. Visit the beach – Yes! We went for a walk on the Gulf Shore in Pugwash on a beautiful fall day.
  9. Sharpen the skates and skis – No. But we need to. The Oval is opening soon and Mike is checking the webcam at the ski hill daily.
  10. Visit the valley – Yes! Amanda and I took David to the valley in search of some pumpkins and fall foliage.
  11. Conquer a corn maze – Yes! At the Lincoln Park Zoo, Chicago. They have nothing on the size of both the maze and the stalks in comparison to the valley. 
  12. Pick apples – Meh. We did go to the valley to pick apples but didn’t actually pick apples. We picked out apples from the local market in the valley and I did pick some crab apples off the ground of my backyard.
  13. Make apple pie – Yes! Yum. 
  14. Watch season 1 of Game of Thrones – Yes! We are on season 4.
  15. Make my 2016 calendars – Yes! I’ll show you later.
  16. Make my 2015 holiday cards – Yes! And a newsletter too.
  17. Make David’s halloween costume Yes!
  18. Dress up for halloween – Yes! I was a cowgirl.  
  19. Dye my hair pink – Meh. I bought pink hair chalk.
  20. Drink cider – Yes!
  21. Travel via train, plane, automobile (and boat) but no need to watch the movie – Yes! In Chicago
  22. Visit a new city – Yes! Chicago.
  23. Buy a souvenir – Yes! A Christmas ornament. It’s my souvenir of choice when travelling. 
  24. Visit a museum –Yes! Chicago.
  25. Throw a party – Yes! a taco party.
  26. Swim laps – No. Like wallpapering, I will keep adding this to my lists until I actually do it.
  27. Declutter & update my sock and underwear drawersMeh. I have purged. Now I need to restock. 
  28. Hike a new trailYes! It wasn’t Everest but when we visited the valley, Amanda, David and I went on a lovely little hike through a park – there were turkeys and bunnies and ducks; oh my!
  29. Try a new restaurant in Halifax – Yes! Lot Six and Temple Bar Cocktails and Kitchen
  30. Make soup – Yes! Ina Garten’s Easy Tomato Soup & Grilled Cheese Croutons

24 Yeses, 3 Mehs and 3 Nos… I’ll take it as a win. I am actually excited for a new season and especially excited for a new year. Have a safe and happy holiday and may you check everything off your list!

IMG_3908Fall on the Golf Shore, Pugwash Nova Scotia. Taken with my iPhone.

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knit wear

Now that Autumn has arrived, having a comfy sweater is crucial. It is a long season and you don’t want to pull out the winter coat too early in the game – which is why I am a big fan of the bulky knit sweater. It’s great to throw on for morning walks to school and I keep it on if the house is cold and we’re too cheap to turn the heat up.

I’ve been eying Cowichan sweaters for a while and a few months ago when I popped into the local yarn store to pick up some yarn for my mom, I spotted this:


Turns out there is a free download for the Briggs & Little Canada Pride Sweater and better yet, my mom agreed to make it for me!


Sorry friends, she said she’d never make it again.

I write about bundling up every year (2013, 2014)

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feeling it. falling for it.

Thinking happy thoughts: Some of my favourite people were born in the fall, you can wear pants but still hold off on the socks, it is the best season for running, you can layer for style but not necessarily necessity, wine switches from white to red, and it is pretty. No doubt.


People, it is time to embrace the new season and get things done. Trust me, if you write a list, you are more likely to make it happen. Here is my feeling it. falling for it. fall wish-list. The rules are simple – it started October 1 and ends December 21. G’luck!

  1. Write 2-3 posts a week
  2. Wallpaper something
  3. Paint something
  4. Run a marathon
  5. Rake leaves
  6. Carve a pumpkin
  7. Avoid all things pumpkin flavoured. Unless in a pie
  8. Visit the beach
  9. Sharpen the skates and skis
  10. Visit the valley
  11. Conquer a corn maze
  12. Pick apples
  13. Make apple pie
  14. Watch season 1 of Game of Thrones
  15. Make my 2016 calendars
  16. Make my 2015 holiday cards
  17. Make David’s halloween costume
  18. Dress up for halloween
  19. Dye my hair pink
  20. Drink cider
  21. Travel via train, plane, automobile (and boat) but no need to watch the movie
  22. Visit a new city
  23. Buy a souvenir
  24. Vist a museum
  25. Throw a party
  26. Swim laps
  27. Declutter & update my sock and underwear drawers
  28. Hike a new trail
  29. Try a new restaurant in Halifax
  30. Make soup

Your turn, tell me yours! #fall4novascotia

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bundle up

Autumn is here and we are holding off on turning on the thermostat. I bet we are not the only ones who treat this annual ritual as a game… how long can you bear it? To participate, you need to be strong and you must bundle up. With this in mind, I gathered up some fall-inspired fashion (aka my current wish list) that makes it almost okay to accept the brisk temperatures.


But before I fill up my fictional online baskets, have you heard about a capsule wardrobe? I landed on this site and the idea intrigues me. Should I? Could I? I know there are clothes in my ‘closet’ that I’ve hung on to but do no wear and since I don’t actually have a real closet, it has become more evident that I am waisting valuable real estate. I think a capsule wardrobe would be a great way to minimize what I own and then decide what I really need. Here is Unfancy’s fall capsule wardrobe. Nice, right? If I decide to give this a go, I will be sure to let you know. In all honesty, I think I need to focus more on purging … not purchasing.

Screen Shot 2014-10-07 at 2.43.00 PM

A. Catbird Chained to my Heart Necklace / B. Catbird Ballerina Silver Earrings / C. Free People Jacquard Vegan Moto Jacket / D. Madewell High Rise Skinny Jeans / E. Jen Cogliantry Neck Knot / F. Lulus Bench Warmer Orange Plaid Infinity Scarf / G. Patagonia Women’s Toggle Down Vest / H. Kate Spade Saturday Pinstripe Hooded Circle Scarf / I. Sweaty Wisdom You have the same amount of hours in a day as Beyonce Mug / J. QP x Collections Helmet Bag – Small – Green and Tan / K. Sweaty Betty Pace Run Tights / L. Vans® classic slip-ons in perforated leather / M. Hugo Guinness Original for J.Crew Epic Sweatshirt / N. Madewell ex-boyfriend shirt in cherry plaid / O. J.Crew Merci Tee / P. Frye Melissa Button Short / Q. Madewell prinkshop for edible schoolyard & madewell tee / R. Boden lightweight roll neck / S. Kate Spade Saturday The A Satchel / T. Aritzia Wilfred Diderot Sweater / U. Swatch Scuba Clownfish

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Anxiety is kicking in… we are quickly approaching August and I am starting to panic that summer is slipping away. Must stay positive.

Whenever my sister is about to come to Canada, my natural instinct is to start shopping online – Zappos, J.Crew, Boden and Madewell are my go-to’s for American shopping and right now I have booties are on my mind. I think a new pair of shoes will ease the Autumn blues. So here’s what I am eying: booties

A. Frye Carson Shortie, $348.00 / B. Vivobarefoot Gobi, $150.00 / C. Freebird Austin, $245.00 / D. MICHAEL Michael Kors Salem Bootie, $198.00 / E. Roxy Carrington, $74.00 / F. Arcopedico N42, $159.00 / G. Rieker 76963 Lynn 63, $135.00 / H. Naya Felix, $139.00 / I. Nine West Jarrad, $70.99 / J. Clarks Spye Belle, $130.00 / K. Merrell Veranda Mid, $160.00 / L. El Naturalista Torcal N305, $179.90 / M. Frye Phillip Chelsea, $288.00 / N. Kate Spade New York Prospect, $298.00 / O. Pikolinos Andorra 913-9811, $200.00 / P. La Canadienne Donovan, $350.00 / Q. Rieker 74563 Kendra 63, $130.00 / R. UGG Tiana, $120.00 / S. Johnston & Murphy Shawna Chelsea Boot, $198.00 / T. Lucky Brand Tolachina, $99.00 / U. Jambu Esmeralda – Vegan, $149.00 / V. Sam Edelman Petty, $159.00 / W. Born Gilly, $140.00 / X. Rocket Dog Sidney, $62.99 / Y. Born Raisa, $140.00 / Z. Camper Beetle-46397, $168.00 (SALE!)

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