patterns and sparkle (part 2)

Last Wedding Wednesday, for the Navy by the Sea wedding series, I looked at navy and nautical patterns and now it’s time to add sparkle to the day with some gold decor!

sparklesA. / B. / C. / D. / E. / F. / G. / H. / I. / J. / K. / L. / M. / N. / O. / P.

Most of the items above are either relatively affordable (B/E/G/J/L/O) or something you can make yourself (A/C/D/F/H/K/M/P) but I added I and N because even though they’re more expensive, they would look stunning. Plus, if you splurge on a few pieces like these, they can carry on into your home decor.

I am loving K! My friend made these for her son’s nursery and imagine them hanging in a tent in place of lanterns. I also love F – they’d be easy and affordable to make and I happen to know there are an abundance of hydrangea trees at the wedding site that would fill them beautifully.

How about you? Was there a DIY wedding project that really worked? Care to share a big fail?

Do you prefer fun (A/D/E/H/P) fancy (B/C/F/G/I/J/L/N/) or rustic (K/M/O)?

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Here is the first post for the Navy by the Sea wedding

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pillow talk

Sometimes all you need are a few fun accents to spice up a room and throw pillows can be just that thing! They are affordable, easy to move around and a perfect napping companion. Here are some fun options found online.

Pillow Talk

A. Stripe riot 18″ pillow with down-alternative insert / B. Martinique Pillow / C. White Ikor tribal cotton pillow cover / D. Jacqueline Maldonado The Sound Outdoor Throw Pillow / E. Crashing Waves Throw Pillow / F. Multi Asterisk Bargello Decorative Throw Pillow / G. Hi 5 Toss Pillow / H. The Head in the Cloud Pillow / I. Ooh La La 16″ Pillow / J. Call Your Mother 16″ Pillow / K. Hold-Me-Tight Pillow / L. 16″ Kilim Pillow, neon nuance / M. One-Of-A-Kind Moroccan Berber Pillow / N. Fade to Black Mountains / O. Graphic 3 Throw Pillow / P. Navy Anchors Pillow / Q. Coquille Pillow / R. Marta Pillow / S. Gran Black Pillow / T. Pineapple Pillow / U. California Pillow / V. Going Hunting – Red and Cornstalk / W. Girl Boy Baby Pillows / X. Woman with gold hair and man with blue shirt / Y. The Sisters – medium grey wool mountain range pillow / Z. Indian Kantha Quilt Fabrics floor cushions

Sweet dreams. xomeg

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