100 reasons why summer is the best

Lets do this. Back by popular demand: Summer! And what’s summer without my 100 days of summer to-do wish list? The rules are simple and I welcome all of you to join in with your own list – it started this (long) weekend and ends on September 30. Get what you can get done because summer is here for a short time so it is best to make it a good time.

This year’s list. Many are pick-ups from last year because why rock the boat when the boat was awesome?

  1. go on a sail boat**
  2. watch an outdoor movie**
  3. play corn hole**
  4. see Shakespeare by the Sea**
  5. fly a kite**
  6. play sandbar soccer*
  7. drive in a convertible* (Larry promised he’d take me out this summer)
  8. try rock climbing* (Kristin said she’s go with me)
  9. drink a road rocket “kidding” *
  10. ride a slip & slide*
  11. visit magic mountain*
    NOTE: the above 11 items are * 2015 not completed **2014/2015 not completed. Third time a charm?
  12. swim in a lake
  13. swim in the ocean
  14. swim in the Wallace River
  15. make homemade ice cream
  16. hike Cape Chignecto
  17. visit Victoria Park and climb Jacob’s Ladder
  18. sunrise at the beach
  19. sunset at the beach
  20. find a waterfall (Amanda’s idea)
  21. go to a country fair (Amanda’s idea)
  22. ride shot gun in a car driven by Amanda to either item 21 or 22!
  23. learn photography… for reals
  24. make sweet tea
  25. have a lunch date
  26. have a brunch date
  27. have a post-work beer date at the Stillwell beer garden
  28. go to a wedding
  29. bike a trail
  30. hike a trail
  31. run a trail
  32. attend a festival
  33. send a postcard
  34. send a parcel
  35. ride a train
  36. ride a ferry
  37. ride a bike (with David) to bike and bean
  38. run to bike and bean
  39. do a pull-up (just one)
  40. go strawberry picking
  41. make strawberry jam
  42. train for a marathon
  43. sleep in a tent
  44. make campfire Kraft Dinner (must remember to bring a pot)
  45. go for a run and jump in the water right after
  46. have a party (or two)
  47. attend a party
  48. watch the movie The Man In The Moon
  49. watch the movie My Girl
  50. watch all of the Star Wars movies with David (in order of release dates)
  51. make a batch of beets
  52. have ice cream for supper
  53. buy a fern
  54. get a pedicure
  55. eat on an outdoor patio
  56. drink on an outdoor patio
  57. play croquette
  58. play washer toss
  59. night swim
  60. have a bbq at least once a week
  61. go two 5 different farmer’s markets
  62. drink my morning coffee outside
  63. have a water balloon fight
  64. accidentally get a sunburn
  65. picnic at the ocean
  66. picnic at Public Gardens
  67. make iced coffee
  68. make lemonade
  69. watch Lemonade
  70. run in 5 races
  71. plant herbs
  72. run the golf shore loop (again)
  73. go to the 2016 Canadian Sprint Canoe Kayak Championship in Dartmouth
  74. cheer for a friend
  75. have fresh flowers in the house always
  76. make rhubarb pie
  77. stand up paddle board
  78. kayak down the river
  79. tube down the river
  80. hang out on the Halifax waterfront
  81. go to the Tattoo
  82. build a sand castle
  83. buy a summer dress
  84. hear bag pipes
  85. watch a parade
  86. dance
  87. watch fireworks
  88. play hooky
  89. read a magazine outside
  90. buy a pineapple
  91. get crafty
  92. eat from a food truck
  93. only use the clothesline
  94. go to the Shore Club (I’ve never been!)
  95. visit a cottage
  96. drink beer from a cooler
  97. get muddy
  98. get sandy
  99. go to a yard sale
  100. mow the lawn

You can see last year’s list here and the results here and 2014’s list here and the results here – I have repeated a lot of items because they’re too much fun not to not do! ScoutsHonorPaper_GreatSummerCard from here

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challenge accepted

Oh, it’s on y’all. New challenge: #100plankstreakplankMy friend Sabrina suggested this after writing about the (not-so) conclusion to my 100 day running challenge. Try to hold plank for three solid minutes… Play around and move through different positions all, while holding yourself up the whole time.

You can do this on the road, in a plane, in a field, before or after a workout but no need for gym clothes – you can plank wearing anything. Heck, go to a barre class and you will be planking with friends! All you need is a stopwatch and 3 minutes. Who’s in?

Let me know if you are accepting the challenge and keep us posted on your progress. Sabrina and I are on day 5 but today can be day 1 for you!

psst. I like to hold front for a minute, then 30 seconds on each side and bring it home with a little downward dog-pushup-planking.
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and that’s a wrap

Bare All for the Barre happened. It’s always good to debrief with one’s self after trying something new – in this case, it was joining a fundraising event committee.


I thought it’d be no big deal. I’d design a bit of their promo materials, sign Mike up and pat myself on the back for doing my part. What I didn’t expect was to get emotionally involved.

It seemed like an easy task : 100 men doing one barre class : for a good cause. With beer, tacos, a DJ and a free t-shirt added in, who wouldn’t be up for this? Turns out men are a tough crowd to convince. Recruitment consumed a lot of time for our small committee but now that the party is a wrap, I couldn’t be more pleased with the outcome.


What a spectacular night!

Thanks to everyone who came out and donated – especially my friends (even the ones I had to bribe) and a big shout out to all of the team, especially Elana and Kristin for bringing me on board.

See you next year!

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Photos: Taken from Facebook. Sorry, I don’t know who to give credit to but thanks.