they’re hitched

I Just realized I didn’t share with you the final print items for the Navy By The Sea wedding I worked on this Summer. Good thing it is Wedding Wednesday.

The last update was in June, just after the invites were sent in the mail. Since then, the wedding happened and a few more items were printed for the event.


The menu – It was a cocktail reception:


The Program – Front and back:


And Haskap Jam for favours:


To see the whole love story, click herehereherehereherehere, herehere, here and here!

Oh and here is the shower invite I made as well:


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thumbs up

I was recently approached by a bride-to-be to create a custom thumbprint guest poster, which is a creative and memorable piece of artwork you can hang in your nest when the wedding is over. Like this:


Each guest stamps their fingerprint on the poster and writes their name. Even though I didn’t work on Erin and Douglas’ other wedding designs (or even met them), I got the colours from the invite she sent and built the illustration from her suggestions and a few stock illustrations.


Hopefully it looks something like this – a bunch of balloons carrying away the two lovebirds to happily ever after:


* * *

What about you? What kind of guest book did you have?

Mike and I had comment cards .I still have and they’re awesome.

Most are so sweet and lovely “Congratulation! Couldn’t be happier for you both. Glad to share in your big day! Best wishes. PS. Thanks for the free booze” – Melissa

Some are funny: “I am writing this at the end of the evening. Kevin, Mat & Clyde are signing ‘Mustang Sally’ on karoke. Needless to say, this message will not be meaningful…” – Erin

and some (I think/hope) were forged, pretending to be my dad, like: “I wish I had a boat” – Mike Rushton

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pottery, willow and leather

It is Wedding Wednesday – and it just so happens to be our nine year anniversary! The ninth anniversary is PotteryWillow (traditional) and Leather (modern). But for us, it is hire a bi-weekly house cleaner (practical).


Which would you choose?

Detail_MG_5226PrepBW_MG_4977 Details_MG_5133 Details_MG_5240 Details_MG_5245 Details_MG_5253 MRingsBW_MG_5228 ReceivingBW_MG_5217 Reception_MG_5305 Reception_MG_5312 TentNight_MG_5433

Thank you Shannon for capturing so many great memories (mostly taken on FILM but enjoy these digitals).

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Years ago… back when I lived in Montreal and had a really bad job at a business news publication, I called in to the CBC noon hour call-in radio show. They were asking what our favourite Christmas movies are. Easy question right? Well I froze – I forgot the name of the movie and then tried to explain it by saying  “It’s that Canadian movie, I think, you know, on television every year… with the angel and that famous actress – I forget her name (Mary Steenburgen)… The kids die, but they don’t and then an angel comes and saves them…”

It was a train wreck – they had no clue what I was talking about and the call ended just like that. 

ONE MAGIC CHRISTMAS!!! How could that explanation not help?

I swore I’d never call in to a radio station again… but email… hell ya! Today’s Maritime Noon was Wedding Etiquette in the digital age which is my thang. I couldn’t help myself… I was tapping down my thoughts before the news had even ended and here is what they read:

*  *  *

I believe the best investment for your wedding is hiring a good photographer. However, that being said, the day is about celebration and having fun – which is why social media – especially Instagram is great AFTER the ceremony and portraits with the paid photographer.

When it is all over, the couple can experience the reception through the lens of their guests and not only the photographer.

As a photographer’s assistant I have seen disrespectful guests with and without smart phones in their hands but as a wedding invite designer, I encourage the couple to share a common hashtag – it’s a great way to unite the event.

If the couple sets a good example from the beginning with proper etiquette then the guests should follow suit. Cash bars, e-invites, Facebook and announcing the registry on your invite are all becoming more popular, which breaks my heart!

*  *  *

Who’s a wedding snob? It’s me! At least the expert guest from The Knot agreed with what I said. Amen.

Happy Wedding Wednesday!

Photo by me (and my SMART PHONE) of Shannon at work.magic f

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sealed with a kiss

The Navy By The Sea Wedding invites have been sent out and hopefully the RSVPs are trickling in. Christmas card season has nothing on this brief but exciting time in a couple’s engagement.

After a few rounds of layouts, here is the final invitation and RSVP postcard*:



Plus a break down of the design elements. I am excited to share more as the event quickly approaches. M&E-Elements

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*Details edited for confidentiality

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