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Friday’s online finds: Cozy up and dig in.

  • So many 40th birthdays are popping up in my circle of friends, including my little sister, who turns 40 today! Here is some content for you: 40 Things I’ve Learned in 40 Years
  • Repost: When you’re a woman over forty, a tunic wears you!
  • My forty before forty, which is now fifty before fifty bucket list in case you need inspiration for the next decade
  • Just be aware of the symptoms of perimenopause and that it happens most often in your 40s. And menopause can take a long time. It’s not like you’re going to wake up one day and your ovaries are going to fall out. It can be four to eight years, so it is gradual, gradual, gradual, but knowing that it’s coming will help. It’s just another life stage. What’s scary is the not knowing or the misinformation. It’s just another hormonal transition, like the ones you’ve already been through. – It’s Up To Us To End The Silence Around Menopause (Romper)
  • ‘I think I look rad’ – Hell yes, we all do! (Entertainment Weekly)
  • Newsflash. We all bleed. Why do we not gasp about race photos of men’s bleeding nipples? (Tri News via Kristin)
  • Things that made me laugh, cry and rage this week (1, 2, 3)
  • Also, this episode was a hoot (Tea Time)
  • I hope today you see a good jacket or a nice dog, or quality zipper, a protein-rich breakfast, a well-designed sink, an emotional YouTube video, a talented singer, a neighborhood cat, a solid pair of socks. I hope you see something good tomorrow tooMy favorite parking lot
  • My Taste Is Basic. So What? I am 100% reading this book
  • May we all write our own list of little GLIMMERS (A Cup of Jo)
  • Why I didn’t want to run a marathon, but ran a marathon, and was super happy for 24 hours and then just super bummed – I keep falling short of my goal (6 Ways to Recover After a Missed Race Goal)
  • But this
  • Hey, did you check out my 2023 100 Days of Summer bucket list?

(image-Jill’s first birthday)

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