meanwhile, elsewhere

Saturday’s online finds: Cozy up and dig in.

  • While other brands that thrived with customers in quarantine have dropped off, sales of the easily slipped-on clogs are up nearly 200 percent since 2019 (NYT)
  • The Mastery Mindset: 6 Keys To Stay On The Path (The Growth Equation via Lee) This provokes a lot of feelings for me as I continue to train for a marathon that I do not want/scared to do because I have not mastered any of these 6 points. Ha.
  • Me
  • I love The Hunt although I usually have different opinions, but not this time
  • In my next life, I want all the wallpaper (Domino)
  • California Ranch is (one of) my dream homes (design\milk)
  • Great, one more thing to feel guilty about – my plants. (Scientific America)
  • Somebody Somewhere Season 2!
  • Well done. Other politicians should take notes on how to have a conversation with people
  • The Humbling Tyranny Of The Photos Our Kids Take Of Us (Romper)

(image-self portrait)

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