In university, I screen-printed t-shirts with words often said during class critiques. I then used a shopping mall photobooth to document my project (it was 1999, pre-phone selfies) and put the photos into a handbound book.

Having a BFA is wild.
But what’s crazier is I think this shirt is more relevant than ever.

OMG, I am becoming REDUNDANT! I am in my mid-forties, a mother of a teenager, and physically/mentally slowing down, so when I read about AI and its ability to do my job, I spiral.

Should I print more t-shirts and sell them?

Is anyone else feeling somewhat obsolete these days?

AI and art — are creators about to become redundant? Can robots make art? Will ChatGPT replace authors? Is artificial intelligence creative? One thing is certain: AI is set to revolutionize the art world, even if authorship issues remain unresolved.

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