meanwhile, elsewhere

Friday’s online finds: Cozy up and dig in.

  • Butt Out, Baby! Before you roll your eyes, give this podcast a chance. It’s a super in-depth-deep-dive of the movie Dirty Dancing scene by scene, and I’m here for it!!! I have always said this movie is so much more than a silly summer romance with amazing music, an envious wardrobe, and the love of every 80’s girl’s life, Johnny.
  • Okay, So James Cameron’s Scientific “Titanic” Door Study Proved It’s Possible That Jack Could’ve Survived After All (Dilisted)
  • The Fleishman Effect: Is all this really worth it? Am I spending these years, maybe the best years, focused on the right things? When does it get easier? Or as Libby put it, “How did I get here?” (The Cut)
  • Good Vibes Are Contagious (Outdoor via Lee)
  • Expandable Cabin Slides Open So You Can Always Sleep Under the Stars… but what about earwigs and mosquitoes? (My Modern Met)
  • Viola Davis Achieves EGOT Status With Grammy Win: “It Has Just Been Such a Journey” (The Hollywood Reporter)
  • 5 leadership lessons from elite track and field athletes – I was there to watch a track and field meet. Little did I know, I’d walk away with some important leadership lessons. (Fast Company)
  • I’ve already voluntold my running crew that they’re going to this movie (Vulture)
Watch the reaction of the man on the top right. It’s the best part.


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