meanwhile, elsewhere

Friday’s online finds: Cozy up and dig in.

  • Halifax’s road safety inaction is killing people – Five years ago, Halifax set a goal of reducing injuries and deaths from traffic collisions. But the numbers involving pedestrians and cyclists are going in the opposite direction. (The Coast)
  • Parents are more worried about their children’s mental health than gun violence or bullying (Fast Company)
  • 14 Reader Comments on Reader Comments – Cup Of Jo truly does have the best readers!
  • What Gaslighting Actually Is…And What It Isn’t (Candidly)
  • Violence Against Jacinda Ardern and Other Women Political Leaders Is an Attack on Democracy Itself (Ms.)
  • And “Can women really have it all?” implies the existence of people who *do* (Kimberly Harrington)

Instead of asking if women can really have it all, it’d be more useful to examine why men seem to have it all.

  • Artificially Intelligent Art And what humanity does or does not bring to the art that moves us (The Audacity)
  • Shirtception (My Modern Met)
  • Now I want to wallpaper everything, everywhere, all at once (AD)
  • The Life-Changing Magic of Understanding Subtext on the Internet (Friday Things)

Stay warm, friends. (image)

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