Popping in to talk movies

Is anyone watching movies these days? They’re like long-form TV but usually less enjoyable and often more boring.

As I do every year when nominations are announced, I watch as many as possible. Perhaps it’s because of my list-checking obsession but most likely because wins like Parasite and Coda made me jump up and down like a proud parent. I want to cling to this feeling every year.

So here’s where I’m at—Movies by the numbers.

  • I am 12 movies in, with 42 to go
  • I have watched 7 of the 10 Best Pictures
  • I have watched 2 of the 12 in the theatre, 2 on a plane and 8 streamed (legally!)
  • I watched 22 movies (that I recall) in 2022 and wonder why NOPE and The Swimmers were not nominated for anything.

And Because nobody asked for it, here is my unprofessional hot take about the nominations for the 95th Academy Awards.

My current ranking for BEST PICTURE is based only on the seven I’ve seen:

  1. WOMEN TALKING. This is my 2023 Parasite, and I will make posters and scream from Cabot Street to give Sarah Polley an Oscar. Sadly, she was robbed of a Best Director nomination.
  2.  EVERYTHING EVERYWHERE ALL AT ONCE. Although it was not my favourite movie, it’s fantastic that it got the most nominations. The sci-fi parts are not to my taste, but it is well done; I loved the family’s story, and I will 100% cry if Ke Huy Quan wins Best Supporting Actor.
  3. TOP GUN: MAVERICK. Did I fist pump and cheer at the big screen? Hell, yes, I did! Tom delivered everything I wanted in an action movie, and I am here for it.
  4. TRIANGLE OF SADNESS. I thought this was going to be funnier. It was a good movie, but I had to cover my eyes for 5 minutes during the barfing/seasick scene.
  5. ALL QUIET ON THE WESTERN FRONT. Oh, hey, grade 11. We watched the original in history class, and I have to say, this was very well done. I don’t think it should win Best Picture, but it should win Best Original Score.
  6. THE BANSHEES OF INISHERIN. Ireland is beautiful. The acting was great. I’m sad about Jenny the donkey. That’s all.
  7. ELVIS. Dear Baz Luhrmann, I will forever love you for giving me Romeo and Juliet; however, despite how adorable Austin Butler was, I am not a fan of biographical drama movies about musicians. 

As for the remaining three I have not watched, here are my thoughts:

  • AVATAR: THE WAY OF WATER. Do I have to? If I have to invest time, I am not investing money. I predict it will be #10 for me.
  • THE FABELMANS. I want to see this, and I predict it will be #5, ahead of Triangle of Sadness
  • TÁR. I really, really want to see this, and I predict it will be #2, possibly #1. Sorry, Sarah Polley.

And finally, here are a few others I must mention:

  • THE FLYING SAILOR is about the Halifax Explosion, you can stream it for free, and it’s like 10 minutes.
  • TURNING RED. I loved this movie! Go Domee Shi Go. I will literally turn red if GUILLERMO DEL TORO’S PINOCCHIO wins Best Animated Feature Film.
  • FIRE OF LOVE is the only documentary I’ve watched, and it was great, so I guess that’s my vote.
  • Paul Mescal – I see you on that Best Actor list. Hey.

So happy watching, and may the best WOMEN win!

(all images from imdb.com)

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