meanwhile, elsewhere

Sunday’s online finds: Cozy up and dig in.

  • How a Dog’s Killing Turned Brooklyn Progressives Against One Another – After a sudden confrontation that left a golden retriever dead, neighbors came together online to support the owner of the dog. But then things changed. (NYT)
  • Climbing the hill of life is challenging but marvelous. The way down is slippery. Literally. It’s easier to walk up than down. Even though gravity helps you. – ‘Nature Has Its Way of Ending Life. I’m Changing the Manner and the Time.’ As her grandpa-in-law prepared for the end, Rachel called to say good-bye. (The Cut)
  • Bad Sisters is about to give (GAVE) us the most satisfying TV finale of the year (The Guardian)
  • How many van Goghs is one Earth worth? (Vox)
  • Speeding Up Your Daily Walk Could Have Big Benefits (NYT)
  • I’m basically Diane Keaton (Instagram)
  • Reflection From My Summer Sabbatical (Brené Brown)
  • In Ejaculate Responsibly, Gabrielle Blair Makes Abortion a Men’s Issue (Vogue)
  • What “take care of yourself” means in a crisis (not much) (Evil Witches Newsletter)
  • Portugal Announces A One-Year ‘Digital Nomad’ Visa For Remote Workers (Apartment Therapy)


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