One Billion Days Until Summer

I’ve been asked if there’s a fall list, and usually, I’m quick to say HECK NO because I hate Fall! But this year, as I enter my dark season, I decided to create a list of 24 things that will hopefully keep my spirits up until May 24. So, rather than thinking of one-and-done items, I am seeking adventures and daily habits that will make the days feel less gloomy despite the weather.

Let me know if you want to join me for some moderate fun.

  1. Learn to make Karen’s famous rolls with the expert herself
  2. Start up my TreadTalk club. Membership is open.
  3. Go to more movies in the theatre
  4. Visit Polly’s Cove (I already went once)
  5. Make butter tarts
  6. Host an outdoor pizza party
  7. Make focaccia bread
  8. (Re)watch Cameron Crowe’s movies
  9. Train for a spring race
  10. More yoga, more strength training
  11. Try snowboarding (again)
  12. Take more intentional photos
  13. Make more soup
  14. Attend a Sips and Dips party
  15. Jump in cold water
  16. Make calendars, update my website and take more photos
  17. Clean out the basement
  18. Go to the spa
  19. Finally finish the hooking project I started five years ago.
  20. Read some more Chief Inspector Gamache books by Louise Penny.
  21. Go on our annual Christmas Light Run.
  22. Paint the stuff that needs painting and sew the stuff that needs sewing.
  23. Go to a play or concert
  24. Go to Dear Friend with dear friends


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