meanwhile, elsewhere

Saturday’s online finds: Cozy up and dig in.

  • I see my child in this video, and I am totally the mom in this video
  • Daily ‘breath training’ can work as well as medicine to reduce high blood pressure (NPR)
  • Why Have We Allowed Money to Ruin Youth Sports? The kind of chill athletic experience I wanted for my kids barely seems to exist anymore. (NYT)
  • Serial’s Success Inspired Tons of New True Crime Docs—But How Do They Hold Up in 2022? (Friday Things)
  • What’s Happening in Iran and What Can We Do? (Cup Of Jo)
  • Hey Maritimers hey, should we buy these? (Apartment Therapy)
  • Fine with me. (CBC)
  • Coming soon to a house near you: Folklore Fusion (Apartment Therapy)
  • The Case for Allowing Yourself to Be Bad at Something – Why not embrace the stuff you’ve always wanted to do, even if you’re mediocre? (WSJ)


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