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Friday’s online finds: Cozy up and dig in.

  • Springfield, Missouri, Is Their Muse. Working in their home city, the photographer Julie Blackmon and her daughter, Stella, a filmmaker, find some mystery in everyday life. (NYT)
  • Have you watched this? It’s devastating. Thanks for the recommendation, Kristin. (NPR)
  • If Ephron has a lasting legacy as a writer, a filmmaker, and a cultural icon, it’s this: she showed how we can fall in and out of love with people based solely on the words that they speak and write. Words are important. Choose them carefully. And certainly don’t cling to a myth just because it’s lovely. It’s only in pushing past lazy clichés that a love affair moves from theoretical to tangible, from something a girl believes to something a woman knows how to work with. (New Yorker)
  • Regardless of the particulars, Serial was the thing that turned a story of failure in the justice system into a wildly popular podcast that’s still being fought over eight years later. – It Took a Pop-Culture Phenomenon to Right One Wrong (Vulture)
  • And this:


  • All fashion should make you say, “Hmm, seems stupid. I love it.” Sunglasses most of all. (Cut)
  • He’s known as Mr. Steal Your Grandma. But to his adoring second-grade students, he’s simply Mr. Randle – Meet Irvin Randle, the Sixty-Year-Old Instagram Star Your Grandma Has the Hots For (Texas Monthly)
  • Would you be buried in a mushroom suit like Luke Perry? (Orion)


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