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Friday’s online finds: Cozy up, dig in and EAT THE DAMN PEACH.

  • I hope people take this seriously: The health risks become “increasingly high” when someone has six or more drinks per week. And for women who have three or more drinks per week, the risk of health issues increases more steeply compared to men, research shows. (CBC)
  • Gross, or just me? (Evoke)
  • Why Did People Freak Out About A Comic About Peaches? (Now We’re Talking with Doree Shafrir)
  • And a follow-up to Peachgate (Instagram)
  • There is a podcast all about Anne of Green Gables and it’s called Kindred Spirits Book Club, obviously!
  • Leonardo DiCaprio’s Breakup Picture Book For His Girlfriends On the occasion of their 25th birthday (The Grudge Report)
  • Don’t do this. (Vogue)
  • Woman on the Phone With Her Mom Just Pretending It’s a Very Boring Podcast (Reductress)
  • This house tour made me cry (Sara Petersen)
  • Color has been disappearing from the world (Macleod Sawyer)
  • How to do everything (NYT)
  • Good luck to all the parents tackling school lunches, navigating back-to-school shopping lists, keeping up with the a new year of school notices and championing for their child’s educational needs – may there be minimal snow days (McSweeney’s)


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