meanwhile, elsewhere

Monday’s online finds: Cozy up and dig in.

  • I am a fan of local photographer Lyndsay Doyle‘s work and love this photo session with a group of close friends at the end of high school (@ldoylephoto)
  • I did not know Missy Elliott made her debut live performance at Lilith Fair – 25 years on, Lilith Fair is a reminder of how one woman’s radical idea changed music (NPR)
  • The Xbus Is Cute as a Button, Tough as Nails, and Electric (Adventure Journal)
  • The Fascinating Science Behind Freckles (allure)
  • A Message to the Millennials About to Turn 40 (Bazaar)
  • How Much Does It Really Cost to Live in an RV for a Year? (lifehacker)
  • Is Jane Austen Just a Vibe Now? (Vulture)
  • Cities Aren’t Built for Kids … But they could be (The Atlantic)
  • Fire of Love – The greatest lava-fueled love story ever told
  • This was a very good listen (Rich Roll interviews Malcolm Gladwell)


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