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Friday’s online finds: Cozy up and dig in.

Don’t get me started on the first two topics… I have a lot of feelings. Fix the roads and stop dancing and pointing at words on my feed. RIP OG Instagram.

  • “Failure is waiting for someone to be killed to reduce the speed limit or redesign the intersection. Failure is my mother being run over and the bike lane being painted on the street a week after,” When Cars Kill Pedestrians (The New Yorker)
  • Save the reels and videos for your Stories and keep them off my feed! – I Miss the Unhinged Instagram of 2012 (Refinery29)
  • He’s (Ryan) selective about his projects, he’s not playing hot guy parts just to show off his body. Which is why people are more curious than ever about this script and what it has to say about the world through a Barbie lens… But let’s go back to Ryan’s Ken energy here. He looks like Zac Efron playing Ryan Gosling. (Lainey Gossip)
  • Are you sure there isn’t something else I can do before the end of the school year? (McSweeney’s)
  • Stressed out and miserable at work? You have lots of company (Fast Company)
  • It takes a lot to turn heads in New York City, and most days I live my life with the comfort that I can go about my business with a sort of public anonymity. It’s what lets me cry on the subway with such ease. But now I was, physically and emotionally, exposed. – I Wore a High-Slit Dress and Got Catcalled by a Bunch of Women (Elle via Kristin)
  • This Creamy Lemon Pasta Recipe Is One You Need to Try (Wit & Delight)
  • You Want to Buy Meat? In This Economy? (NYT)
  • And speaking of meat, did you know that if you ground up the world’s population, it would create a human meatball that could fit neatly inside Central Park? (MyModernMet)


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