North of 40 Reflections

Hey, midlife, hey! I’m checking in to see if there’s been any progress on my Fifty Before Fifty bucket list, especially since I need to get at least one item checked off the list this summer (#28). As you may recall, this list was originally the Forty Before Forty bucket list, with ten more items added on my 40th birthday.

Today, on my 43rd birthday, I can’t help but laugh at my pre-COVID naïveté, when my biggest setback was the loss of the Footloose video tutorial on VimeoWho would have known the world was about to shut down for two years!?! Actually, not even the psychic medium Jill and I visited in 2019 – Edna neglected to mention the upcoming global pandemic (see #28)

Anyway, despite COVID, here are the EIGHT items I have done in the past three years:

  • See Hawaii – it has been my dream to take David to Hawaii for his 10th birthday since the day he was born. He will turn 10 less than two months before my 40th so the timing will be tight but I am sure Mike can make this happen.
Our 40-40-10 birthday adventure to Maui
  • WALLPAPER my itty bitty bathroom.
They’re stickers, not wallpaper but I am counting it.
  • Snorkle. Ideally off the Florida Keys. With Kyle Chandler.
Not the Florida Key and without Kyle Chandler but I think off the coast of Maui is good enough
  • Run a Spring marathon (I’ve run marathons in September, October and November only
It was a long painful journey to get to the finish!
  • Ride in a helicopter (ideally while visiting #2)
Did it, done it, never again. I almost peed my pants but it was an amazing way to see Maui
  • Get a reading done by a psychic medium.
Jill and I are still waiting to see accurate results
  • Go to a drive-in movie.
  • Train a puppy.
Trained is used loosely

So onward I go. The forties are not so bad despite all the required stretching!

Check out the full list here I think I have about 28 more items to do.

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