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Friday’s online finds: Cozy up and dig in.

  • Fake Pandemic Introvert vs. Real Introvert (New Yorker)
  • I would like this for supper and this for dessert, please
  • The Kids Are Right About Email, Too (NYT)
  • You just might be more productive if you work less – Sometimes, working fewer hours means you can get more done (Fast Company)
  • Math concepts the state of Florida finds objectionable. (McSweeney’s)

Personal memo: Florida, you suck

  • The Obello Lamp. File this under things I want but don’t need (design\milk)
  • If a trans student wants to play sports, it’s just because they want to play sports. We can trust they didn’t choose to come out as trans in order to get some sort of athletic advantage. – Sports are divided by gender because by the time women were allowed to participate, men had already had decades (or centuries!) of training, and almost all current sports were specifically developed with only men in mind. So women were forced into their own categories. There’s also strong evidence that sports are gendered anytime women compete with men directly and threaten the dominance of men. (Design Mom)

This tread:

  • I want ALL the colours! (Free People)
  • Why this psychologist says finding work/life balance is BS (Fast Company)
  • The 50 Best Rom-Coms (The Ringer)
  • Now that we’ve finished Euphoria S2, what is there worth watching? – How “Euphoria” challenges viewers’ expectations of what a television show should be (Salon)
  • Great timing, my birthday is right around the corner! (Food52)

And finally, for anyone outside of Nova Scotia who’s wondering what’s the most Nova Scotian Twitter thread, may I present:


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