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Saturday’s online finds: Cozy up and dig in.

  • Sarah Polley has built her career on running toward dangerous subject matter: playing an incest survivor in the film The Sweet Hereafter; exploring the effects of abuse in the miniseries Alias Grace; directing a film, Stories We Tell, about the secret of her own birth. Now she’s doing it again in her first book. (Globe and Mail)
  • With remote workers flocking to its bucolic shores, the rapidly growing Atlantic province of Canada isn’t ‘looked at as the poor cousin anymore.’ (NYT via Jenna)
  • Smart move Ontario! The province says it will end the so-called “three-cuing system” – which encourages students to guess or predict words using cues or clues from the context and prior knowledge – and focus on phonics. (CTV)
  • If the happiness professor is feeling burned out, what hope is there for the rest of us? – Yale’s Happiness Professor Says Anxiety Is Destroying Her Students (NYT)
  • To watch list: Wildhood
  • Relating to Ben Stiller big time but disagree with his views on Mark
  • Remember the pandemic 2 years ago when were adorabily naieve – “I cut my own bangs…” (Cup Of Jo)
  • Rich with Imaginative Detail, Maria Prymachenko’s Colorful Folk Art Speaks to Life in Ukraine (Colosal)


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