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Friday’s online finds: Cozy up and dig in.

  • I’m in the dreaming of a housecoast phase of winter (Food52)
  • What Ever Happened to Sun-Dried Tomatoes? (Taste)
  • Gaps in OBGYN care in Nova Scotia: “The medical system just isn’t structured to help” (The Coast)
  • And There’s an Endometriosis Treatment That Actually Provides Relief—But How Many Doctors Are Trained for It? (Prevention)
  • Very accurate assumption – my sister and best friend are both Librarians and I am pretty sure this is their life (McSweeney’s)
  • Read the Books That Schools Want to Ban (The Atlantic)
  • My vision has gone to shit and i am shaped like a 🍌 – How The Pandemic Is Changing Our Bodies (BuzzFeed News)
  • Now whenever I’m tempted to judge something as stupidly designed, I try to check myself and remember my seatbelt experience. My rule of thumb is: My willingness to judge something should be proportional to how much I know about it. (Danny Guo)
  • What Your Favourite Sad Dad Band Says About You. Me: Brick, Ben Folds Five, Blue by both Joni Mitchell and The Jayhawks and my funeral song is Nigh Swimming. R.E.M. (McSweeney’s)
  • Were friendships always so fragile? I suspect not. But we now live in an era of radical individual freedoms. All of us may begin at the same starting line as young adults, but as soon as the gun goes off, we’re all running in different directions; there’s little synchrony to our lives. We have kids at different rates (or not at all); we pair off at different rates (or not at all); we move for love, for work, for opportunity and adventure and more affordable real estate and healthier lifestyles and better weather. – It’s Your Friends Who Break Your Heart (The Atlantic)
  • Gutted for all of the skaters outside of the R.O.C. who’ve worked hard (clean) but are denied medals. But I feel sad for these very young girls who seem to be in an abusive program (mentally and phisically). Shame on their coaches: ‘I hate this sport’: Tears, anger accompany medals for Russian figure skaters (CBC)
  • Emma Thompson on living in a woman’s body: my daughter thrums with life, my mother is frail – and I’m balanced between (The Guardian)
  • No, they don’t: Seth Rogen Wonders If the General Public Cares about the Academy Awards (No Film School)
  • Why Eileen Gu matters – The geopolitical-fueled reactions to freestyle skier Eileen Gu — who has been marked as a traitor and claimed as a hero — reveals a lot about how society sees multiculturalism and identity. (Supchina via Kevin)


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