meanwhile, elsewhere

Friday’s online finds: Cozy up and dig in.

  • Sardoodledom (swissmiss)
  • No! Instagram, I come for the photos – fuck Reels. (PetaPixel)
  • Broccoli melts for dinner? Sign me up. Must learn to make focaccia bread. (Dinner A Love Story)
  • Folks, let’s declare it Risotto Season (Food52)
  • 30 Lazy Genious questions for the start of a new year
  • Which wallpaper would you choose? (A Cup Of Jo)
  • And small entry organization hacks (Emily Henderson)
  • Reviewing TikTok’s Unhinged Food Trends (Bon Appétit)
  • Where you will find me in April: (CBC via Amanda)
  • A note of reassurance from your school district regarding our updated omicron policies (McSweeney’s)
  • And I will leave you with this… Things that might not be obvious if you don’t have young kids in your life right now: when kids don’t go to school, they don’t sleep. They have too much energy that hasn’t been used, and a deep, under-the-surface sort of surly sadness that comes of being isolated. They act out, they become different people. The spark goes out of normally sunny kids, their eyes like windows with the shades drawn, or volcanoes of fiery frustration well up within them. This awfulness has gone on so long that when our kids have trouble, my friends and I can no longer tell what’s just them, what’s a normal developmental stage, what’s pandemic damage or what we might be able to blame ourselves for because of the kind of parents we have been forced to become. (MacLean’s via Jenna)

More and less in 2022

+ More dates (with David, Mike and friends)
Less Amazon
+ More yoga
Less scrolling
+ More fruit and veggies
Less spoonfuls of nutella
+ More self-confidence
Less comparison
+ More listening
Less assumptions
+ More cheering
Less buying
+ More swimming


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