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Friday’s online finds: Cozy up and dig in.

  • I do not need more cookbooks; she says to herself as she reads this list (Food52)
  • And Could Joy the Baker be the next Culinary Superstar? – I’m cool with that (Foodsided)
  • 12 Ways to Beat the Winter Blues (A Cup Of Jo)
  • Well this is not good; I haven’t seen ANY of this list’s best movies of 2021 (New Yorker)
  • I am trying to avoid Amazon, but she sure makes this hoodie tempting (Kendi Everyday)
  • Want to watch: The Worst Person In The World
  • My aunt’s chocolate cheesecake was my favourite Christmas dessert (Gather & Feast)
  • #TeamRivs – Cancer Nearly Took His Life. But the New York Marathon Awaited (NYT)
  • Well deserved but shocked a ball/puck sport athlete didn’t steal the win (CBC)
  • Poll: More Americans are losing interest in having kids. Opinion: It’s fucking hard, expensive, lonely, exhausting and at times terrifying – especially these past two years.
  • I am very into Pantone Color of the Year 2022 (design\milk)
  • Yum
  • Make your own Die Hard Christmas tree ornament (Unlikely Words) and pretty-up your holiday charcuterie board with decorative rose-shaped salami (laughing squid)
  • As we posed for our 2020 pictures, maskless, wearing clothes that weren’t pajamas or workout gear, I realized the absurdity of the holiday card tradition showing families perfectly primped in tree forests, standing on historic bridges, or in front of rustic barns, contrary to their messy lives. But there we stood, guilty of creating a fairy-tale holiday card in the middle of a crisis – Holiday cards only tell half the story, but I still send them anyway (Motherwell)
  • Are you watching Yellowjackets? (NYT) I’m deep into it and am happy to see it’s not just me who wondered if this was at all inspired by the true story of the rugby players in the Andes mountain and the Lord of the Flies. Have I mentioned my family’s mild obsession with the movie Alive?


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