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Friday’s online finds: Cozy up and dig in.

  • Adopt a Lyle
  • Caramel Crunch–Chocolate Chunklet Cookies (Bon Appetit)
  • I loved season 3 of Sex Education and now excited for S4 (RadioTimes)
  • And speaking of some of the best tv out there right now: How Only Murders in the Building Grapples With the Thorny Ethics of True-Crime Podcasting (Time Magazine)
  • Couldn’t he just go to space, like a normal billionaire? – 20 Things I Don’t Want To See In The Metaverse (Bustle)
  • Mark Robar has a goal to raise $30M to remove 30M pounds from oceans by 2022! Every $1 you donate is one less pound of trash in the ocean! (
  • Which heart emoji do you use and why? (Dirt) – “Oh man, this is something I’ve always wrestled with. I have evolved my heart emoji usage quite a bit. The heart emoji is such an indirect, but cordial response. I’ve gone from classic to red, then second guessed myself, ‘Surely I’m a bit more cultured than classic red? But can I do black? Am I cool enough? Would someone think I’m a tortured soul?’ After hours of agony I arrived on blue. 💙 It never says more than you need. But is always a bit more joy…followed by a cowboy hat if I’m feeling happier.” – Jeremy
  • Sharpie Activism: In 2015, Alex Gino published George, a children’s novel about a trans girl named Melissa — George was the character’s former name. Since its publication, many of the book’s fans have grown to dislike the title, saying that it elevated the deadname of the character instead of her actual name. Earlier this year, Gino and their publishing company announced that the title of the book is officially changing to Melissa. (Kottke)
  • And here’s an explanation of the book’s history and a special note from the author: “Just a reminder that you officially have my permission to correct your copy of Melissa’s Story. Yes, the cover is beautiful. Part of trans justice is to accept that your sense of “beauty” doesn’t matter if someone need to change their appearance to be themself. #SharpieActivism” (Alex Gino)

And, if you missed it – I am taking orders for the Twenty Twenty-Two Desktop Calendars – $5 from the purchase of every calendar is going to the Elizabeth Fry Society. If you haven’t listened to the CBC podcast Carrie Low VS., I highly recommend it, and you will learn about just one thing they’re doing to help women in vulnerable situations. The story is shocking.


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