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Friday’s online finds: Cozy up and dig in.

  • It takes courage to accept where you are now, to resist trying to force yourself back to what you once were. The Pandemic Taught Us to Stop Racing Against Ourselves (NYT)
  • Let’s debrief: Clinton and Penny are personal friends—a friendship that was sparked by Clinton’s admiration for Penny’s Chief Inspector Gamache mystery series. State of Terror is a political thriller, a familiar pantsuited figure saves democracy (NPR)
  • I really enjoyed this episode of Ologies: Dolorology – PAIN. What is it? Where does it come from? And how can we hurt less?
  • 40 Percent of American Children Think Hot Dogs Are Vegetables. Digest that. (Futurism via Jenna)
  • Extravagant eye bags: how extreme exhaustion became this year’s hottest look. Celebrities at the Met Gala bejewelled their fake dark circles—but a heavy work schedule and horribly late nights will do the business for the rest of us. (The Guardian)
  • Lazy pizza dough (Smitten Kitchen) and Chaffles (Gimme Delicious)
  • Guys, my mind is blown. SAME SKY POSTCARDS. What’s even real anymore?

  • Garden goals (House & Garden)
  • Hanging Out With Joan Didion: What I Learned About Writing From an American Master (LitHub)
  • Researchers Just Compiled the Ultimate Playlist of Songs That Will Give You Chills – This massive playlist will give you all the feels – and even help you focus better on your work. (Inc.)
  • 3 brain hacks to control your Amazon addiction (from a neuroscientist). Your emotional brain is being manipulated to shop more, but there are ways to resist. *Note, he mentions physical activity as one way to control shopping but ironically, I spend all of my money on running shoes and gear
  • Oh hey, J.Crew, hey. I am looking at you again now that you’ve invited Pacey back to the party.

And, if you missed it – I am taking orders for the Twenty Twenty-Two Desktop Calendars – $5 from the purchase of every calendar is going to the Elizabeth Fry Society. If you haven’t listened to the CBC podcast Carrie Low VS., I highly recommend it, and you will learn about just one thing they’re doing to help women in vulnerable situations. The story is shocking.


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