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Friday’s online finds: Cozy up and dig in.

  • I gave up my career as a TD executive to become a florist (Toronto Life, thanks Kristin)
  • And… A Profession Is Not a Personality (The Atlantic)
  • Dear White Parents – a film and website packed with guides and resources for parents and children of all ages (via swissmiss)
  • Netflix Is Launching a Book Club (Apartment Therapy)
  • And… Squid Game was not alarming because I expected it to be as disturbing as it was – knowing there’d be a twist thanks to still not recovering from the experience of watching Oldboy in Korea on rental-bed-private-room. That said, I really don’t think kids should be watching this. (NYT)
  • How to survive winter: Reversible House Shoes and Better Sweater Mittens
  • Charlie (the British nutritionist/blogger–Runner Beans) was in Nova Scotia and is offering some Nova Scotia inspired maple-salmon recipes
  • Now this would guarantee us a view of the river (design\milk)
  • Who Called the Carbonara Police? (Taste)
  • How a Missing Sock Changed My Life–Not the sock itself, but a note attached to the sock. (Actually, the guy who wrote the note.) (Modern Love)
  • ‘Tis the season for cozy cabin dreaming (SF Girl)
  • And… Latkes! (Food52)
  • Tuna noodle casserole–I recommend a couple of tweaks: sub ground turkey for tuna because tuna is high in mercury, and you can’t afford to damage your kids’ brains any more than constant exposure to screens already has. Sub zoodles for noodles, sub yogurt for mayo, and then sub the whole thing for pizza because, what the hell, you’re pretty sure the kids love their dad more anyway: The Stress-Free Family Meal Plan (New Yorker)
  • Ten minutes a day in this resting pose does wonders for your burnout (Quartz)


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