The Cookbook Project

Now that summer has ended, I need a new project that does not involve fall foliage or anything-pumpkin. Enter The Cookbook Project – a little something that was whipped up by my sister last year. And as a younger sister does, I am copying what she did and am sharing it all with you!

The goal of the Cookbook Project is to cook at least two NEW recipes from every cookbook I own.

Sounds easy enough, but I should start by confessing I have a lot of cookbooks (40!). I love cookbooks. I love cookbook photography and design, and because of this, I have an extensive collection, and I am embarrassed to admit that I have never used several!

The first step was creating a Google Sheets file listing all of my cookbooks and included the following columns:

  1. Photo of cookbook
  2. Cookbook Name
  3. Author(s)
  4. Recipe 1 / Page No. / My rating / Comments / Photo of my finished dish
  5. Recipe 2 / Page No. / My rating / Comments / Photo of my finished dish

I will keep track of all the recipes as I go along, aiming to try at least two new recipes every month (minimal pressure, friends!)

My second goal of The Cookbook Project is to photograph the finished recipes because I have a camera that I want to use more often. It’s a perfect reason to practice photography and hopefully open our door to more gatherings and better food.

I have shared this project with a few friends and family already and I am super excited about the adventure. So please join in – dust off your cookbooks get going! #cookbookproject

One thought on “The Cookbook Project

  1. I love this idea and might do it too. It forces you to relook at the cookbooks on your shelves. And if you can’t find any 1 recipe you are wanting to try, it might be time to let the cookbook go. I’ve recently was looking at a cookbook that’s been on the shelf for a long while, and discovering several recipes that are sounding good. Also a few I had forgotten about.

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