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Friday’s online finds: Cozy up and dig in.

  • When I first started training for marathons a little over ten years ago, my coach told me something I’ve never forgotten: that I would need to learn how to be comfortable with being uncomfortable. I didn’t know it at the time, but that skill, cultivated through running, would help me as much, if not more, off the road as it would on it. – How Exercise Shapes You, Far Beyond the Gym (The Cut via Lee)
  • What are you listening to? I’m really enjoying Beastie Boys Book on my trusty Shuffle and have Nine Perfect Strangers on deck. Here are some more picks: Small Fry
  • Speaking of good listens, check out The Great Protein Fiasco episode of the Maintenance Phase podcast. It’s all about the reason why I boycotted/avoided Nestlé products for many years. It’s also very triggering to my experience of breast feeding and the pressure I felt for the first year of David’s life. Spoiler alert, I could not successfully nurse David and yet he’s physically thriving.
  • Answers to Questions About the Texas Abortion Law (NYT)
  • Alie Ward, of the Ologies podcast, talked to C. Andrew Hall about the DRAWdown Design Project – with a donation, you can get a beautiful screen print by a curated selection of artists inspired by climate change solutions. Art meets science! Problems meet solutions! Climate change meets … hope?
  • Work Is a False Idol – It’s not just Chinese millennials who are figuring out that work is a false idol… A recent tweet that proclaimed “i do not want to have a career” racked up over 400,000 likes. Instead, proclaimed the tweeter, @hollabekgrl, “i want to sit on the porch.” (NYT)
  • Season 2, episodes 1 and 8 of Modern Love had me 😭😭😭😭 and here’s an update to the end of episode 8
  • Perhaps this study should be printed and posted on bathroom stalls in bars, universities and gyms: COVID-19 may cause erectile dysfunction, small study finds (Business Insider)
  • Design Mom’s family always nailing the family photo shoots – a Virgin Suicides vibe


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