meanwhile, elsewhere

Monday’s online finds: Cozy up and dig in.

  • Nora effing Ephron’s 3 RULES FOR MIDDLE-AGE HAPPINESS: Gather friends and feed them, laugh in the face of calamity, and cut out all the things––people, jobs, body parts––that no longer serve you. (The Atlantic)
  • Major team jean skirt gal (A Cup Of Jo)
  • Is it a fashion potluck or “stealth-leisure” – A reader asks for clarity on what seems to be a smorgasbord of casual trends. (NYT)
  • I think I’ll make this, I doubt my family will eat it (Shutterbean)
  • The Alpinist Trailer
  • Why Older Athletes Lose Explosive Power – Scientists have been debating whether muscles contract more slowly as you age, but new data suggests the real problem is a loss of strength (Outside via Lee)
  • What to do with all those crocheted blankets in the basement – problem solved!
  • My COVID Parenting Has Reached Peak Inconsistency. Honestly, I have no idea what I’m OK letting my kids do anymore. (Slate)

This is parenting these days, for us and too many people we know. Peak inconsistency. Complete incoherence. Just decision after decision based on a little bit of science, a little bit of outdated guidance, and a little bit of how much time or energy we have to think it through.” –Me: this is why I’m dreading Phase 5

  • Sports Science Is Changing How Female Olympians Train. It Could Help You, Too (NPR via Jennifer)
  • Banksy Comes Back With 9 New Wall Arts In England And People Are Loving Them (Bored Panda)
  • I can tell you the right age for a phone. It’s twelve. Happy Parenting! (Motherwell)


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