meanwhile, elsewhere

Saturday’s online finds: Cozy up and dig in.

  • Against my better judgement, and at the risk of losing any semblance of journalistic objectivity, I start my conversation with Joshua Jackson by effusively telling him what a dream come true it is to be talking to him. (Refinery29)
  • The Invisible Bond – The special bond between an athlete with a visual impairment and their guide as they strive for Paralympic success (Facebook via Kristin)
  • So you want to build a wood-fired oven? Start here
  • The UN report is scaring people. But what if fear isn’t enough? “If you’re trying to get people to act on climate change, then fear is not going to do it.” (Salon)
  • After the horrors that health-care workers have endured during the pandemic, many are struggling to sympathize with people who won’t protect themselves. (The Atlantic via Erin)
  • A Michigan Mom on How Teaching Her Son to Cook Brought Them Closer Together (Kitchn)


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