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Friday’s online finds: Cozy up and dig in.

  • Point Break turns 30 – it could easily have been an empty spectacle about nothing but gun fights and explosions, but Kathryn Bigelow turns it into an examination of the inevitable death spiral of toxic masculinity. (Lainey Gossip)
  • Kid not required for the joy of this Kids Charcuterie Board (House That Lars Built)
  • Very cool moon light (design\milk)
  • Being forward-looking, I would declare an emergency in terms of children’s mental health;  some states, like Colorado and Connecticut, have put resources into this. I would call that the next emerging emergency: what we did with children. So now it is our duty as a society, if we treasure children, to make it up to them, if we can. The closing of those schools doesn’t have a relationship to the spread of the virus, or the hospitalizations, or the deaths. It’s only really related to the political valence of the town, and the strength of the teachers union.It’s playing politics with kids.—What We Got Wrong (and Right) About COVID-19–Three public health professionals assess America’s response to the crisis—and how we should prepare for the next one. (Persuasion)
  • BBQ Cauliflower Tacos sound delicious (Dinner A Love Story)
  • Beyond CHICKEN
  • ‘How Much Suffering Can You Take?’ Over 703 miles, a hardy band of pain enthusiasts tested the limits of both mind and body at the Quintuple Anvil Triathlon — five Ironman-length races in five days. (NYT)
  • When you discover you may be the star of someone’s fictional story (Slate) “Cat Person,” and the cultural reception to it, feels connected to the broader literary debate over “autofiction”—writing that, in its raw and confessional style, seems to blur the boundaries between the real and the invented. 
  • Followed by this thread about consent:
  • Amazing App Uses AI Tech to Scan Your LEGO Piles and Suggest Things You Can Build (My Modern Met)
  • AND SPEAKING OF LEGO! David and his friend have a podcast about Lego. They’re getting better as they go (episode 6 is my favourite) and are paying for their production by collecting recyclables in the North End. You can check out (and subscribe) to BLOCK TALK on Spotify!


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