meanwhile, elsewhere

Friday’s online finds: Cozy up and dig in.

  • The perfect number of hours to work every day? Five (Wired)
  • I Know the Secret to the Quiet Mind. I Wish I’d Never Learned It – Before the accident I went to yoga retreats and tried meditation. I said things like “I just need to unplug.” Apparently what I needed was to get hit by a truck. Perhaps I have discovered the secret to a peaceful mind, and it is traumatic brain injury. I fantasize about opening an expensive spa where busy people pay me money to whack them on the head with a baseball bat. (The Altantic)
  • Drinks52 is here
  • 751. More Children.
  • Want to reclaim your pre-pandemic hair colour? You probably can! (Fast Company via Jenna)
  • Study Finds American Women Delaying Motherhood Because The Whole Thing Blows (The Onion)
  • Artist Kelly Reemtsen Explodes Notions of Femininity (design\milk)
  • Don’t play with your kids. Seriously. When my son was about 3, I realized his fictive worlds were vivid enough to continue without me. (NYT)
  • 3 Summer-Inspired Wallpapers for Your Desktop (Poppytalk)
  • Just Be Rich. Why are extraordinarily wealthy and famous people doing their own tweeting? (Esquire)
  • And have your tried sun tea (Reading My Tea Leaves)


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