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Friday’s online finds: Cozy up and dig in.

  • A human library (Upworthy)
  • Who designed the eighties? (Open Culture)
  • Silver Linings. The pandemic obliged—or enabled—many women to go gray (The New Yorker)
  • There’s nothing moderate, or convivial, about the way many Americans drink today.
    Although both men and women commonly use alcohol to cope with stressful situations and negative feelings, research finds that women are substantially more likely to do so. And they’re much more apt to be sad and stressed out to begin with: Women are about twice as likely as men to suffer from depression or anxiety disorders—and their overall happiness has fallen substantially in recent decades. (The Atlantic)
  • Bird-friendly coffee! Check out my friends at Totem Roasters collaboration with bird conservation organizations including one supporting of the Nova Scotia Bird Society! (Café Bird Friendly Coffee)
  • Oliver Burkeman’s last column: the eight secrets to a (fairly) fulfilled life – After more than a decade of writing life-changing advice, I know when to move on. Here’s what else I learned (The Guardian)
  • My Ear Hustle buddies have a book coming out. I have been very invested in this podcast since day one and their success is such a joy (honestly, I cried the day Earlonne was released)
  • Fingerspelling
  • YouTube is my biggest enemy when it comes to parenting (Motherwell)
  • Fake Famous is the sad reality, and BuzzFeed is not happy.
  • A Guide To Gender Identity Terms (NPR)
  • Summer water (Joy The Baker)

(image: “I booked a hotel room with a clawfoot tub the color of eggshells and a window with a fire escape and a view of the street below. because on my fortieth birthday, I needed to feel a little bit like I was living the life my fourteen year-old self dreamt of.“)

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