meanwhile, elsewhere

It’s Friday’s online finds: Cozy up and dig in.

  • A friendship counter – The evolutionary psychologist Robin Dunbar explains the limits on how many connections humans can keep up, and the trade-offs involved when you invest in a new relationship. (The Atlantic)
  • Who wouldn’t want a strawberry table (Apartment Therapy)
  • Fun fact, I have never made it through this theme song without crying (HuffPost)
  • What If I Run Out of Time to Decide About Kids? (Outside)
  • An Architect’s Breathtaking Mid-Century Home (The Design Files)
  • Enjoy TODAY with a cute bag (KroftSudio via Beth)
  • Bookmarking this for Sundae Buddy Sunday – 9 Sundae (Funday) Sauces (Food52)
  • Something I already try to do is send real mail on birthdays, as thank yous and just because: I Want To Thank YouHow a Year of Gratitude Can Bring Joy and Meaning in a Disconnected World
  • Work remote, but not at home (The New Yorker) but whatever you do, know that commuting is psychological torture
  • At last: Hugs (NYT)


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